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Payment is the most critical point of a purchase process. An incomplete purchase here results in a failure to sell anything.The T-Soft E commerce system is integrated with the virtual pos, and 3d virtual pos infrastructures of alternative payment systems.          

Technically integrating into a payment system is not always sufficient to meet the needs, it is a very sensitive issue to record transactions, to reach again, to find solutions to possible problems.          

We recommend that any ambitious ecommerce site should receive service from one of PayU and Ipara payment systems, have Masterpass integration and have BKM Express wallet solution.


  • As a pioneer infrastructure provider in e-commerce technologies, T-Soft has offered the newest opportunities to its customers for the first time. However, on the contrary, it makes only certain integrations in payment integrations. In this respect, it is not fully integrated with the payment system and without being sure that T-Soft meets the expectations of its customers. T-Soft's integrated payment systems are technology, service quality, payment systems that are successful in delivering payments to customers in a timely manner. Our customers will be able to use the payment integrations we recommend easily. If a payment system does not integrate with T-Soft, this is really a meaningful reason.
    Serious problems such as payment has not been taken into account despite the withdrawal of payment systems or although shooting is not done, shooting has occurred and withdrawal of money from the client's account may occur.


    • masterpass
    • MasterPass is an easy, convenient and reliable online payment solution that offers faster secure shopping within thousands of websites and mobile applications.
      It allows the customer to receive payment from their registered cards completely without risk. Since there is no card information on the virtual store, there is no risk of stealing card information directly or indirectly. This solution does not even provide card information to the virtual store software.
      Even if the customer's credit card is not available, he / she can use his / her registered cards easily. MasterPass, a subsidiary of MasterCard, is the world's most trusted and trusted cardholder solution.
      Even if the customer does not carry the credit card., he / she can use his / her registered cards easily. MasterPass, a subsidiary of MasterCard, is the world's most trusted and trusted cardholder solution.


      • bkm express
      • The payment solution which its common term is the wallet solution is put into service by the Interbank Card Center. Customer can safely use the cards defined in BKM Express while shopping in virtual stores.
        There is no possibility for any card information to be stolen or copied. It is 100% safe.
        BKM Express, which is supported by all payment solutions to banks resident in Turkey Express, improve communication between the consumer and to the agreements signed with virtual stores and virtual stores and allows an increase in sales.
        BKM Express can only be used in reputable stores. The existence of technical integration does not mean that the virtual store will be accepted by BKM.


    • türkiye
    • Virtual POS service in Turkey, built on the bank that is integrated according to the installment architecture.
      Provision - Pre-Provision selections can be made with the Bank. The shots can be 3D secure, can be shot directly or left to the customer's choice, and the customer can be allowed to use 3D secure.
      Integrated is our Turkey banks: Garanti Bank, Vakıflar Bank, Akbank, Türkiye İş Bank, Bank Asya Katılım Bank, Deniz Bank , Finans Bank, HSBC Bank, Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bank, Türkiye Halk Bank, Türk Ekonomi Bank, Türkiye Finans Katılım Bank, Yapı ve Kredi Bank, Ziraat Bank, Citi Bank, ING Bank, Anadolu Bank.
      Garanti Bank's campaigns such as additional installments or postponements have been integrated. The customer can see and select additional installment or translation options.
    • cyprus
    • We have made payment integration with Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus banks.
      Customers who work with Creditwestbank, Cyprus Vakıflar Bank, Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası, Asbank, Akfinans Bank, Near East Bank banks will be able to shoot with T-Sot infrastructure.
    • azerbaijan
    • In Azerbaijan we have our Azeri Card payment system integration, which can be used with MasterCard, Visa, AmericanExpress, DinersClub and UnionPAy payment systems.
      Our customers in Azerbaijan use the Azeri Card payment integration widely.
    • Iranian
    • Bank Mellat integration was realized for the Iranian market from emerging markets.
      With Bank Mellat integration, credit cards can be taken from all of Iran's credit cards without any problems.


    • The traditional payment method, Bank transfer payment option is available in our software. The bank accounts defined in the Admin panel can be viewed during the customer exchange.
      In order to prevent unreal orders at the completion of the order by bank transfer, SMS-approved ordering is available. When the customer wants to complete his order, the order is completed when he enters the verification code coming into the mobile phone.
                         When the customer makes the payment of the order given by bank transfer, this information is transmitted from the transfer department in the virtual store, the information entered in this way is brought to the attention of the manager and the controls are realized.
    • At the beginning of the payment methods that consumers feel safe, there is payment at the door.
      Order can be taken with payment at the door, logistics information at the door thanks to the payment information, at the door of the payment of credit card or cash can be sent to the logistic companies can be automatically sent.
      In order to overcome this problem, payment of SMS has been developed at the door. When the customer wants to complete his order, the order is completed when he enters the verification code coming into the mobile phone. During the payment at the door, the customer who made the verification is taken into the status of approved customers and the SMS is not requested for subsequent purchases.

  • -Soft works with a current movement structure in which customers' receivables and debts are managed.              Customers can optionally finalize the payment from the Current Account Payment option and only the debt transaction occurs with the order. The customer can then pay the balance with the eTahsilat structure by paying different cards. Thanks to this feature, part payments can be realized and the customer can make up to the total order amount by making a small amount of payments from different cards and finalize the payment. Thanks to the Customer Loan Limit structure, a limit can be defined to the customer and customers can limit their orders from the current account as well as the limits.
    • E-Collection
    • Especially in the projects directed to the dealer channel, it is desirable to be able to collect money only independently of the collection after the sale of the product. Companies want to make their receivables online or from their customers. T-Soft e-commerce software also includes a collection solution.
      The customer can specify the amount to be paid from the option to make payment and can make the installment options according to the card.
      Collected collections are credited to the account of the customer, if the debt transactions are entered, they can see the balance of the customer.
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