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Who Are We?

Tekrom Teknoloji A.S. was founded in 2003. We are young engineers who do not know boundaries. Our company has not been established by a capital group and has not received any investment so far. Our power comes from over 2,000 customers who believe in us. We are doing just one job for over 19 years and we give all our energy to our business. We are developing our technology with our gain.

We are the leader in the Turkish e-commerce market and we provide software services to the best companies. We believe in the power of Anatolia. We opened up to Anatolia to discover our young people who produce value when given the opportunity. We do not expect global competitors to enter the Turkish market with the strength we have from these lands and we challenge the world by settingtling in Silicon Valley.

We want to be a light for our young entrepreneurs who have dreams. As of 2022, we are employing over 250 payroll employees. We choose our colleagues from candidates who do not have the limits of their dreams. In our ecosystem, dozens of freelancers provide job opportunities.
Yıldız Technical University TEKNOPARK
R&D OFFICES While continuing our operational services in headquarters in Istanbul Topkapı , Yildiz Technical University Technopark R & D Center is established with 20 engineers, which is established to develop technology concentrating only on technology development and eliminating external contact. In order to evaluate the energy of the young people who champ at the bit, our company has served a second R & D center in K.Maraş Sütçü Imam University Technopolis by taking the hit for the development of Anatolia. Today, 120 of our engineers are working in this office.
K.Maras Sutcu Imam Universty TEKNOKENT

Each new product has to have features in the previous manufactured products. Many products can not come out of this coil and follow the properties of the products that have been produced all the time throughout the life cycle. For countries such as Turkey, who are 10 years behind e-commerce technology, this problem is bigger. In parallel with the increase of T-Soft facilities, the R & D unit has passed through a lot of illusions and has been continuing R & D work of the newest technologies on the other hand. The two issues are their top priorities; BigData and DataMining. Since 2011, our R & D activities focusing on these two subjects have been continued with the support of TÜBİTAK - TEYDEB under the consultancy of the most expert academicians in the field of our country.

This architecture that T-Soft has developed over many years and built on its foundations is that most major companies focus on today

T-Soft is ready for tomorrow's technology!
Never stop growing

In our country where economic fluctuations are frequent, it takes a share in commercial enterprises. T-Soft has continued to grow steadily since the day it was founded, has grown out of challenging periods by producing good service and developing technology.

Over the past 7 years, Fast50 has been ranked top among Deloitte's fastest growing technology companies. Again,we hace been continuing to increase its ranking in Bilisim 500 for 8 years.

Turkey, which met with e-commerce 10 years later from more developed countries, quickly closed the gap with its dynamic, determined and hardworking engineers. T-Soft, aiming to be an example in the Turkish software sector, not only has reached the point of being the leader in the inner market, but also has reached the point where the software has been thrown into the silicon vadis. Started to work on infrastructure in late 2015 and started to develop products for global market in the beginning of 2016 as T-SOFT INC.

A process was started to get share in world e-commerce market with products to appeal to enterprises in different segments. T-Soft e-commerce software is targeted at large-scale businesses and will serve the entry-level JETTYCART e-commerce solution.

The spread of e-commerce is of great importance from unregistered trade to employment opportunities. As the leader of e-commerce market, in 2013 and 2014, we met with millions in 30 different cities in ‘Open the Wings of Turkey’ project, we talked about e-commerce and gave conferences to entrepreneurs in 8 Chambers of commerce in our cities. We participated in CEBIT Bilişim Eurasia for 3 consecutive years and we regularly open stands in different fairs and talk about e-commerce with the masses.

As T-soft, it was not possible to forget our social responsibility while earning from the e-commerce sector. With the concern of not spending the day, but keeping the future alive, it is our duty to bring the companies together with the technology, to enable them to gain experience in the domestic market and to make them to open up to the world through e-commerce. We would like to say that every initiative has the opportunity to introduce itself to all over of the world and that we are ready to convey our whole experience.

The biggest factor that slows the growth of the e-commerce sector is the qualified workforce, as in many other sectors. The majority of the dissatisfied customers are formed for this reason. It is also seen that the biggest problem of the entrepreneurs who abandoned e-commerce is the same.
T-Soft, taking responsibility for this issue, has established E-Commerce Academy and Boomerang Academy which serves at T-soft plaza. Our academy, by providing trainings in different categories, provides activities to solve the employment problem of our customers and also provides trainings to increase the level of knowledge of existing employees in different fields. E-commerce Academy offers trainings on general E-commerce, e-commerce law, digital marketing, search engine optimization, software technologies, T-Soft panel usage.

Since 2003 onward, T-Soft ecommerce software has been quite originally developed. It has not developed based on any software, and there wasn’t inspiration from any software. Our Software has been developed using the latest software technologies in the world with its R & D staff of 40 people in 2 different technology development regions within Yıldız Technical Uni Technopark and KSU Teknokent. T-Soft e-commerce, as Tübitak Teydeb project, has been developed on the basis of scientific basis, and it is developed not only with daily concerns but with the guidance of our academicians who have international successes in their field but also with a vision of being the preferred product of the world e-commerce markets. As T-Soft e-commerce software is developed specifically, is enriched with new features from day to day and these features are made by evaluating the feedbacks from e-commerce initiatives. Since the software is not used for ready codes, it is not bound by any limitations. Since T-Soft is a software company that focuses on e-commerce, it contains a wealth of information on behalf of the sector in our country. For more than 15 years, the knowledge accumulated by providing services for thousands of e-commerce initiatives has enabled e-commerce software to be deepened and enriched.
The Pride of Our References

The ancients said, ‘‘Actions speak louder than words!’’. Since everyone is looking at a subject from their own window, it may be right for the service provider, and it may be wrong in terms of service. Especially in fast-developing sectors, universal truths do not occur, and because the features that the products should have are not determined, service areas and service providers do not speak the same language. On the other hand, the same problem stems from the lack of an inspection mechanism in the new sectors, and the fact that the products or services that are said to exist are in fact a deception, such as being a word game, causes situations to occur frequently.

There is only one solution to these or similar problems; “customer experience”. Customers are the only people or businesses who will tell themselves what they are committed to, and what they are confronted with. The larger scale of usage of the companies serve, the greater the success of the product will be.

Customer candidates who receive service their priorities are only the price, ignoring other customer experiences, causing the sector standards not to be created, its target is price reduction, product quality is constantly lowering. E-commerce software sector is one of the biggest damaged sectors in this regard.

T-Soft e-commerce has never been in a race in the cheap service market, never tried to sell its product cheaply, never pushed product quality to second plan. In the line with its global goals, it continues to improve itself, and although its product is the most expensive product of the market, it has won the trademark of the sector and has served thousands of large enterprises.

T-soft e-commerce users prefer T-Soft was at a significant rate after using another software before. At first the price, etc. E-commerce experience, which starts with different priorities, has become a must to make a sharp decision one day, “Either OK or continue with T-soft”, at this point they preferred T-Soft for this reason. A good software is like using an umbrella in the rain, clothes in the cold weather, a vehicle that will carry one on the road. It’s not difficult to have it, but it’s very difficult to succeed without having it.

Many brands in shopping centres, Telecom operators, and holdings have been using T-Soft e-commerce products for years. To view our references, click here. Click Here
We're Not Just a Software, We're an Ecommerce Ecosystem

No matter how big a software company can be, it is limited to what they can do, and its success will be in the measure of its concentration. The most common feature of successful projects in the world is that they enable applications that will enrich their platforms, and with the applications of the software developed by dozens of different software developers, the feasibility of the software reaches a very wide framework. In 2007, T-Soft released its first version of the web services, opened this door and increased possibilities by allowing editing interface codes, and prepared its own application market. By this application market, many freelance-free software developers have been able to generate revenue and at the same time we have been able to find solutions for very different expectations of our customers.

Our goal in 5 years is to meet with our customers with more than 1000 products through T-Soft application market and reach a trade volume of 50 million USD through this market.
Our Customers Are Investing

We have been growing steadily for 15 years, but not only T-Soft itself grows up, we are growing together with our customers. As our software and capabilities develop, we enable our customers to trade more competitive. Because our customers differ from their competitors technologically, their market share is increasing. New technologies, from campaign scenarios to search engine optimization features, bring great opportunities and provide great commercial gains when used quickly. While many of our small projects supported their growth with small investments, we had projects with investments worth over USD million.

Founded in early 2005 and started service for the first time with its T-Soft infrastructure, was the first project of Turkey in the gift category that had been operated. The project, which never left leadership during the service period, and in 2013 with the investment of Hasan Aslanoba and made a total exit, he reached a million-dollar value.

Founded in 2010,, operating on party products and disposable products, in 2013 it accelerated the growth process by switching to T-soft infrastructure. Bunzl, which is among the 100 largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (FTSE 100) in 2016, has acquired majority shares of the project. Bunzl, which has a turnover of US$ 9 billion in 2014, has operations in 29 countries on 4 continents.

We Live with Innovation

Nowadays, in an environment where everyone is doing the same thing, it is impossible to survive for many years. For this reason, in the past 15 years, nice brands who developed e-commerce software have come and gone. Most of them are not even remembered anymore. Analysing needs, approaching from different perspectives, bringing new expansions and creating value are among the values that carry T-Soft to the future. Each innovation brings T-Soft up one step further, generating more revenue for our customers, as well as providing better service to the customers. Despite T-Soft is the undisputed leading infrastructure provider of the ecommerce market in Turkey, however we are concerned that innovation is one of the most important parameters of the way to stay and we strive to make this a philosophy of life.

Even the fact that innovation is implemented in the local market by the world's advanced competitors is perhaps an initial level. However, T-Soft has been competing with itself for many years and it continues to be followed by its global competitors with the solutions it presents for the first time in the world. For example, when the call centre of e-commerce site is called with an integrated call centre solution, it is a unique innovative work in the world that the robot reads the delivery status of the order with a technology that translates the writing to the customer (for detailed information Click Here)

Web Services Technologies

Technological developments make it necessary for different platforms to work together and to be integrated with each other. Anymore no technology manufacturer can say: “I'm not interested in the outside world. My product is between my customers and me”. Those who insist on not being integrated disappear in a short time. T-Soft launched its first solution on web service technologies in 2007 and continued to make continuous R & D in the last 10 years. By web services, it is possible to exchange information with software by using communication standards that are accepted by the whole world. T-Soft is developing its services with the most popular communication architecture, Rest architecture. A level has been reached where the administrator can authorise each method of service users individually, and almost all transactions can be performed on the web services and software. Even very flexible campaign scenarios can be managed through the services and even an alternative panel can be written to the admin panel of T-Soft e-commerce software.

T-Soft has prepared an API console to enable the software world to easily integrate using these services, and with both Turkish and English language support, it encourages software developers to integrate between T-Soft and different platforms globally. Today, dozens of freelancers and companies are developing integrations between T-Soft and different software and earning revenue from it. (for more information Click Here)

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