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With sectoral-based change, the rate of shopping from mobile devices in virtual stores started to rise up to 80 percent. Yet, due to the high technological development costs of mobile applications and the lack of the developer companies, the purchases are made via browsers. In virtual stores with mobile application possibilities, we observe that almost half of the mobile shopping shifts to applications.

Once the customer loads the application, the virtual store membership is created and the customer ends the shopping by making less inquiries on the next purchases. Native applications are applications that can be downloaded from their application markets of IOS and Android operating systems. Since the development is not done by taking different outputs from a single platform, the effect of using the natural functions of the software is easily observed.
Mobile applications are actively used in many T-Soft projects.

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Especially in the fashion shopping, payment at the door is widely preferred, and customers mostly pay when the product is delivered. The supplying, packaging, shipping to the cargo and delivery of the product to the customer are both time-consuming and costly. Customer's failure to receive the product is a serious problem for the virtual store. For these reasons, when these orders are received, it is important to call the customers to confirm the order and also determine if the phone is real.

When an order is received, the customer is automatically dialled by the system and is asked to dial a number if he approves the order. If the customer has a worry about the order, it is possible to choose to talk to the customer representative in this call.
The call is automatically transferred to the first available customer representative.

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When SMS is used correctly, it is both an evidence and an effective tool that increases customer satisfaction by preventing the problems caused by forgetting.

T-Soft is able to send automatic 30 messages in SMS scenarios. For example, when an order is received, the customer may not receive confirmation e-mail, but it is sure that an SMS is received. If the product is notified when it is delivered to the cargo, he waits for the product. If the message is received when the product is delivered, he will be informed of the wrong delivery. If he receives a greeting on the days like birthday, Mother's Day, Father's day, she feels himself valuable. If the e-commerce site reminds him with a discount code several times a year, he both makes purchases and increases his loyalty to the site. When you are a member of the site, you can receive a discount code by SMS that you can use for your next shopping. By automatic editing these operations do not cause even a loss of work time for the virtual store manager; the costs of SMS falling up to 1 penny do not create a significant cost for the sender.

The only problem is the technical competence of e-commerce software. If there is T-Soft, it is not a problem.


Marketplaces are both a threat and an opportunity for e-commerce sites. The situation is the same in countries that are much more advanced in e-commerce. In many developed countries, e-commerce marketplaces have an important place in e-commerce retail and e-commerce sales.

By integrating the virtual store to the marketplaces, the products can be sold in these channels without spending any time. The prices of the sent products can be managed and a profitable model can be created for the virtual store.
The orders created in the marketplaces are transferred back to the virtual store admin panel and the process is managed with full automation. Although the market places are competing with e-commerce sites on the same advertising channels on the one hand, they make a significant contribution to the promotion of e-commerce sites. Most of the time, virtual stores have an opportunity to reach consumers that they never reach. Instead of waiting for significant revenue from the sold sales in the market places, and in case it is considered as an opportunity to reach new customers, both a certain amount of revenue is obtained and the customer portfolio is expanding rapidly.

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As sales volume increases in virtual stores, the speed of communication with the developer company is increasing in parallel. Due to the business model in some projects, there is no need to employ e-commerce personnel and services can be provided with outsourcing.

T-Soft Support Unit works to provide our customers with the best service. However, this unit provides directive support to our customers and it does not perform any process on the site. In the advanced support model, an expert is assigned to the customer, and this specialist is a fixed staff that provides the entire service of the customer. The customer can access the Advanced Support Specialist directly via GSM and he can make arrangements on the site if he wants to receive special training.
Support experts carry out the demands of the customers either directly, or follow-up and deliver the result information to the customers.


There are many e-commerce projects that sell their suppliers' products using XML technology and are not included in stock costs. For many years, many projects have been selling with this method. Most of the time, the supplier shares XML once a day, and the retailer virtual store also sells with this information. In products where the quantity of products is critical, the products can be consumed during the day, and the site is in a difficult situation because it cannot supply the site. The customer makes the decision to purchase the product difficult, and after receiving it, he doesn't want any excuses. Although the case of the inability to supply stocks is quite an innocent case, there are even customers who carry this to the consumer court.
T-Soft, with the solution it has developed, updates the stock amount data at 5 minutes’ frequency and eliminates the problem of the lack of the stock.

This solution can be realized if the supplier site and the selling site is T-Soft project.
It is not offered as a standard with our feature packages.


AMP technology, which allows websites to open faster from smartphones, is the abbreviation of (Accelerated Mobile Pages). With Google's own description; AMP is a good way to create web pages that can be loaded lightly and quickly, especially on mobile devices.

In Google, AMP pages appear primarily in the top rankings in the search results, additionally, while the results are listed, the expression AMP appear in a remarkable format in the results.
Considering that over 80% of e-commerce sites' traffic has recently come from mobile devices, high rankings in mobile searches have become much more critical.
With AMP mobile site, it is in your hands to make a difference to your competitors.


Digital marketing studies to reach customers cause every single customer who makes a purchase to have a cost to the site. A product can also be sold to this customer, and multiple products can be sold. If the customer is focused on buying a product, other products will not attract his attention and will conclude his order by taking that product. Such a sale is good for the virtual store, of course, but if the same customer buys more products, the sales profitability may be higher.

One of the most valuable features that allows to increase the basket average in the e-commerce site is the combination feature. It is very effective especially in textile and furniture sectors. By showing products to the customers in combination, color and body selection of the products that make up the combination is also possible on the same page.
The customer can also buy all the combination, and he can also buy some of the products he prefers from inside the combination.
By offering the product to the customer by combining, you can increase the rate of the customer's liking for the product.

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Especially in the offline retail furniture, it is widely used in Furniture, Durable Consumer Goods, Home Shopping and Home Textile categories; the sales model, where the products are not only sold as a set but also the customer can get the products he wants from within the set, is now possible with e-commerce.

Among e-commerce software, with the technology developed for the first time in Turkey, it can be used as a project-based feature. In the e-commerce panel, the products, that make up the products that are sold as a set, are selected and the quantities can be stated.
If the customer wants, he can buy the set as it is, or remove some products from it or increase the amount of some products in the set.
With this structure, in the set it can be shown in products that are not sold by default but can be sold as optional and the customer can also add these products to the set if he wants. When the product is added to the basket, the product appears as a single line and the customer can see the details of the parts he has received on that product.

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The App Store that we use for iPhone on smartphones, and the Google Play Store that we use on Android operating systems, are the most famous examples in the application markets. With the application market, the world's leading software technology providers offer paid or free applications to their users and transform their products from a software to a platform.

T-Soft, the leading service provider of e-commerce sector, has introduced the application market to the service of its customers for the first time in our country. Today, nearly 50 applications are available to our customers' service. Many applications which can be needed in daily life, and increase sales and service quality, are offered to our customers through the market.

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In e-commerce sites, the collective arrangement of products is a frequent process and it is very important. Product stock amount, price, SEO fields etc. and a lot of information can be arranged in bulk for different reasons.

Technological advances are now shifting almost all data from local media to the cloud. Individuals don't want to have to work in the same office, at the same table, on the same computer.
With Google Sheets, it is transferred to the cloud environment in Excel. The data can be opened and edited in the browser.
T-Soft has provided Sheets support for the first time in the sector and allowed the bulk arrangement of products with Sheets. After processing the products, all arrangements can be sent to the site with a single touch.
With Sheets, the operating system is no longer important, whether it is Linux, Windows, Mac or not, data can be accessed and edited.


Especially in orders where Payment at the Door method is used at the door, the failure to deliver the order is very frequent. Since the customer does not make any commitments and does not pay a price for the order, he does not care much about the order.

In the orders given by payment at the door method, the situations of the customer can not be reached is very frequent. The phone is very important in solving the problem. The person who ordered the order must verify that the number he gave during the order is his own line. However, in this case, it can be guaranteed that the customer can be called from a valid number if the customer is not reached. These measures do not provide a guarantee for product delivery but reduce delivery problems.

With the customer's first order, he is transferred to the approved customer status with payment at the door, after making SMS verification on the first order, he can order without any obstacles in the other orders, and without having to verify them again.


Masterpass is an easy, convenient and reliable online payment solution that offers a faster secure shopping opportunity within thousands of websites and mobile applications. It allows the customer to receive a completely non-risk payment from his registered cards. Since no card information is seen on the virtual store, there is no risk of stealing card information directly or indirectly. In this solution, even the Virtual Store software does not receive card information.

The customer can easily use his registered cards even if he does not have a credit card. MasterPass, a subsidiary of MasterCard, is a leading provider of the most reliable card storage solutions worldwide. In order to have a Masterpass payment solution, T-Soft helps its customers in all communication processes.

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With more than 50 million users and one of the most popular in social networks, Pinterest offers great opportunities within e-commerce sites.
The visitor who searches for product pictures and accesses the virtual store by clicking on Pinterest after reaching the product picture via Pinterest turns into a customer and orders the product. With the integration of T-soft Pinterest, the folders of the e-commerce site are created on Pinterest, and then the products are transferred to Pinterest. The customer who clicks on the picture via Pinterest will reach the relevant product page of the e-commerce site.
As an example of Pinterest integration, please click here to view the Pinterest page of Evgör furniture.

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In parallel with the developing technology, it is also possible to realize the demands of one-to-one viewing of the product that the customer will buy. In sales made by making product personalization, it is possible to simulate samples such as seeing the name of the person on the uniform, writing his name on a ring, seeing the appearance of t-shirts before printing in advance. T-Soft is able to produce solutions for such needs based on the project and enables the customers to see the products they will buy and order them in advance.

By seeing the visuals or inscriptions that the customer wants on the product before the purchase, it increases the sales and decreases the return rates. This feature is not a feature included in the product personalization module, it is evaluated on a project basis and it is charged specifically. It does not come with standard received packages.


In internet shopping, due to the fact that the product is ordered without seeing it, touching it, and their dimensions are not fully understood, the return rates are higher than in traditional trade. In some projects, due to the sale of the non-product, there is also a return status arising from the inability to supply the product.

In order to return fees for collections made by credit card, payment systems or the POS screens of the banks must be logged with the username and password. The fact that the company officials do not want to share this information with the e-commerce team makes the situation even more difficult.

The credit card fee return module allows the full or partial return of the fee on credit card collections via the virtual store admin panel. In this way, time is saved, the security problem is reduced, and it prevents the customer from expressing his complaint in different media due to waiting. This process can be carried out in payment systems and banks that allow the use of this technology.


The speed at which the site is opened is important for the consumer. Most of the time, the consumer enters a site in particular and instead of buying a product, by chance he reaches the product with an ad that comes across while browsing the internet and then he buys it. Especially for buying if he is doing research, he will make comparisons by opening many sites simultaneously. When these sample cases are examined, it is possible for the customer to take the product from there by examining one with another instead of wasting time on a site that keeps him waiting.
With HTTP2 and QUIC technologies, pages can be opened much faster and safer.
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In companies with retail stores, for customers who prefer to buy the product by seeing or experimenting, the product can be shown on the page in which store is located. After selecting the size of the product that the customer wants to buy, he can see in which stores the product is at that moment and if he preferred, the stock quantities in the product stores can be specified.
If the customer wants to see the addresses of the stores, he can reach the store by phone and view his location on the map to go to the store.
In multi-channel retail solutions called Omni channel, alternative solutions are offered for different customer expectations and internet experience and physical sales experiences can be connected or transitions can be made.
You can review the application in the Hemington project from our customers showing which stores the product is located in.
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