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““In the old days, e-commerce sites that sell 5-10 units a day were considered good, but as e-commerce became widespread and with the entrance of the internet to all the houses and pockets, e-commerce sites that received hundreds of orders each day have become increasingly ordinary. With the increase in the number of orders, the processes, such as the delivery of the prepared products to the cargo companies and informing the customers, take a long time, and the manual operations bring a lot of mistakes.

The two-way communication of different software with each other is possible only with web services. T-Soft, which developed its own web services many years ago, pioneered the e-commerce sector in our country. With the development of these solutions of logistics companies, cooperation opportunities have emerged and end-to-end logistic integration has been possible. End-to-end integration means that the process that starts with automatic notification of the product to the logistics company will be automatically informed when the customer receives the product.”


Logistic integrations may vary slightly depending on the integrated cargo company, but they are generally set to a standard.
T-Soft e-commerce software's logistic solutions are unique not only in our country but also in the world. To take a brief look at the workflow;

1 - Automatic notification of the prepared products to the cargo company

When the order is ready, with one click the orders are notified to cargo companies online. In this way, the address information of each order will be transferred to the logistics company where the payment of each order will be made at the door or the payment is received in cash. Since there is no manual intervention, problems such as incomplete typing and incorrect reading of the addresses do not occur, the address is transferred as the customer entered.

Some logistics companies find the addresses insufficient during this automatic transfer, and in such cases this information is also automatically received and shown to the ecommerce site admin. After sending the cargo information, the cargo label can also be printed and pasted into the boxes. These labels also contain barcode information, so the cargo company can then directly process this without having to print a second label. It is a private label format of some cargo companies, in such cases it is taken online and printed on a private label. Every detail is planned.

2 - Informing the customer about the orders given to the cargo

The orders transferred to the cargo company with pre-integration are taken from the e-commerce site store by the cargo company officer and taken to the cargo company store, then with the hand terminal at the cargo company, barcodes created from e-commerce site are being read. With the integration of T-Soft e-commerce software, the customer is informed that the order has been received by the cargo company. Customer information can be provided by SMS and e-mail upon request. In e-mail notifications, the e-mail format to be sent can also be designed and the text it contains can be edited.
If SMS is requested, SMS can be sent via SMS companies where T-soft is integrated, and since this service is not received from the logistics company, a service of 40 pennies can be reduced to 1 penny. (Some logistics companies charge 40 pennies in exchange for customer information by SMS), with SMS the loyalty of the notified customer to the e-commerce site will increase. After each customer gives money, there is a worry, this worry will not end until the product is received, every information given in this process will make the customer happy.

3 - Tracking of the shipment via e-commerce site without the
need for customers to contact the cargo company

In e-commerce sites, the customer is in a constant state of worry because the product is paid in advance and delivered later. The customer who orders sometimes wants to be informed about the product every hour, has it been given to the cargo? where is it? when is it delivered? questions like that don't end. By integration, you can view the status of the customer order from the member panel on the e-commerce site, take a note of the cargo number, enter the cargo company's site, and there is no need to enter a word of meaningless characters to prevent robots.

It adopts more the customer site that follows the cargo status from the site he ordered. In the same way, customers who constantly harass the e-commerce site by calling the call centre are very popular. Among these customers, e-commerce site admin can give cargo status from their own panel and there is no waste of time. The information that the customer will see when he enters the member panel is also easily accessible in the admin panel.

4 - Approval of product delivery

When the product is delivered, maybe even before the cargo employee running his vehicle yet, an e-mail and SMS can be received from the e-commerce site and forwarded to the customer where the product is delivered. This period between the purchase and the delivery of the product, which is very important for the customer, is concluded in this way by pleasing the customer.

Immediately after the customer receives the product from the cargo company, SMS received from the e-commerce site increases the customer's confidence in the site and is pleased with the strong communication between them. On the other hand, the process of e-commerce site manager of following the delivered orders and transferring them to the delivery process is also carried out automatically in this context and it is easier to manage the site. The end-to-end logistics integration, which we call all of these processes, is of course for the first time and only in T-Soft.



Ability of automatic integration of each order

As soon as the order is completed, it can be integrated into the cargo company automatically. This allows the cargo company to fix the address related to the order, etc., and It saves time until the products are prepared.

Briefing advantage by SMS

When the order is given to the cargo or when the order is delivered, customer satisfaction is increased by sending an automatic SMS to him.

Call centre integration

By our integrated call centre solution, when your customer calls the call centre, the information of about the place of the order at that moment is taken from the cargo company and read to the customer with a technology that translates the writing into voice.

Receive notice of address incompatibilities in advance

When there is a problem with customer order, when the order is integrated into the cargo company, and the problems that occur are reported to the e-commerce site admin and it can be ensured that he is informed.

Tracking the cargo shipping status in bulk

From now on, it is possible to display all of the packages delivered to the cargo, where they are and the delivery information, from the admin panel.

Ability to work with multiple stores

In companies with more than one store, store information can be given in cargo integration and a cargo company can work integrated in more than one store.

Ability to track the customer's order from the member panel

In what status the customer order is and information about in which process in the cargo company is if the cargo is given to the cargo company can be done from member panel without going to the cargo company's site.

Ability to print cargo labels

By the integration, the cargo labels belonging to the orders are taken from the cargo company together and sent to the e-commerce site admin and they can be printed. Thus, there is no possibility of mixing the cargoes.

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