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Each virtual store wants to be ranked at the top of the search engine search. Because consumers reach e-commerce sites through search engines. Most of the time, there is no research beyond the results on the first page, but if the results on the first page do not satisfy the results, the other pages are browsed. Therefore, it is very important to be ranked first in the first page of the search results in the search engines if possible. Search engine optimization is important in terms of the high ranking of the virtual store. Search Engine Optimization; It is indeed of strategic importance both for the promotion of an institution, and for that institution to reach potential customers from children to the elderly from anywhere in the world, and to double its earnings. By doing search engine optimization, you can reach more users by ranking higher in the first pages in the search engines without paying the advertising costs.

Search Engine Optimization
    • Off-Site Studies
    • For the activities outside the virtual store, many companies have been established and operated. Here, the purpose of this website is to give the message to the search engine that our site is "Known", "Loved", "Famous", "Commonly Used", and "Operating in the Related Sector". In this part of your business, the e-commerce software you will buy will have no effect and you will need to do different studies. If you do not want to pay for these services, you should try to include your site as much as possible in blogs, forums, and site guides on the internet.
    • In-Site Studies
    • As for e-commerce site optimizations, the software you purchase must continuously renew itself and be able to express the content of the e-commerce site in accordance with the algorithms of the search engines. T-Soft e-commerce software has been doing R & D studies for more than a decade, and has been continuously improving its architecture to enable its customers to receive more visitors from search engines.
Link Management Module For more than a decade, T-Soft's e-commerce systems have continuously focused a significant portion of its R & D Power on search engine optimization and performance. Without the cost of advertising, it allowed its users to rank higher in search engines and contributed to the increase in revenues. For the first time in the world, it continues to compete with itself through its own "link management" architecture. Link management module allows you to view and track all pages of e-commerce site on a single panel, and it allows you to process these pages. The Link Type Pre-Definition Settings and 404 Error Reports sections, which were developed as an aid to the link management module, are the other modules that complement this module. The main screen view of the link management panel is as follows.
  • If we tell you from the numbered sections;
  • 1


    It is the link on the e-commerce site. The product, category, brand etc. can be links contained on the site.
  • 2

    The Link to Which It Will Be Directed:

    If a link is directed to another link, the link to which it is directed is shown. This redirection is carried out as 301 redirects. With link forwarding, when the search engine visits the old page, it receives information that there is no such page anymore, and that the new connection should be evaluated instead of that page. Thus, since the page is deleted, it does not decrease the e-commerce site's score, on the contrary, it increases the score because it specifies the new page. One of the most disturbing things about the search engine is the misleading of its user. Redirecting a customer to a non-page will embarrass him, and it will reduce his confidence in the site.
  • 3


    It refers to the type of page, whether it is a category page, a brand page, a tag page, or a blog page. It is important to determine the pages' priorities for page types.
  • 5

    Monthly Hit:

    It shows how many visitors the relevant page receives in the current month.
  • 6


    In the structure reported to the search engine via sitemap, it allows you to manage the information about how often the page changes.
  • 7


    By specifying the priority of the page on the Sitemap, it helps search engines, and which page is more important than the e-commerce site itself, it will be forwarded to the search engine.
  • 8

    Creation Time:

    It indicates how many days the page was created. Old pages are valuable and should be considered well before making a process, so the site administrator will be informed about this.
  • 9

    Redirection time:

    It indicates how many days ago this redirection was made if the page is being redirected to another page.
  • 10


    On each page, some studies related to search engine optimization can be done. In this regard, the information is entered into the Note field to ensure that the information is not lost. For example, the following Forum was written and a link was given.
  • 11Numerical icons have been created for the works related to the page

    Each of these numbers can be assigned to a meaning, so that the e-commerce manager can follow up. For example, the icon number 1 may indicate that an article has been written for the relevant page in an open blog and that a link was provided from it. In this way, the icon number 1 is marked for the pages that are written in the article. Then these marked pages are filtered to find out which ones work easily. In search engine optimization, it is very worthwhile to link to the relevant page from other sites or to write an article about the relevant page. Professional studies on this subject will make a great contribution to the high ranking of the site in search engines.

    12Showing SEO Information: When the link is clicked, 3 new columns will appear on the page.

    These columns will appear for each page in which Title, Keyword, and Description are included. Search engines pay attention to the fact that each page has a separate title and description, and doing this in an original way will increase the score of the site and Page. With this section, this information along with other features will also appear.

    The following picture shows the screenshot.

  • 13

    Import :

    : In e-commerce projects, which prefer to switch from different software to T-Soft e-commerce systems, it allows you to import them into Excel so that the old links can be redirected to new ones. In this way, visitors who click the old link addresses will be redirected to the new pages correctly, this information will be forwarded to the search engine in the background and the search engine will update itself in a short time.
  • 14

    Export :

    Although T-Soft is the most successful e-commerce software in the world, it is also the most reliable e-commerce software. If an e-commerce site wants to leave T-Soft, it will be possible to give the current page information in the most accurate way in order to be able to leave without any loss. This can be done in this section.
  • Discover:

    When you click on this link, a window will open and you will be able to access different information about the relevant page.

    Google Cache Display:

    It specifies how the page appears on Google.

    Google Text-Only Display:

    It shows the text of the page on Google.

    Google Backward Links:

    It shows on which pages the page receives links on Google.

    Google Related Pages:

    It shows other pages to which this page is associated to on Google.

    Google Structural Testing Tool:

    With Rich Snippets, information about the products on the e-commerce site is parametrically expressed in the most accurate way to the search engine. T-Soft has been a pioneer in this field and provides the most successful solution. From this connection, it is checked to what extent the studies are performed correctly.

    Twitter Results:

    With this page, it displays the previously created records on the relevant Twitter. Display: site is a site that indexes every page on the Internet. From there, the images of this page saved in the past will be easily accessible.
  • 16

    Add Redirection:

    When clicking on the link below, the window that appears will open. From this window, a page can be redirected to another page in the site.


    It allows the selected page to be edited, if this is a product page, the product editing window opens, if it is the category page, the category editing window opens, and it allows the detailed editing of the page.


    With many criteria, it provides easy access to the searched page by filtering. In the Admin panel, the module can be accessed via the section titled Sections / Link Management / Link Management Header.
    Link management module comes as standard in all our packages.
404 Error Reporting and Processing Module At the beginning of the most disturbing topics of search engines is that pages are removed without any warning. E-commerce sites should manage the deleted pages, and the address-changing pages in a correct way, and redirect them to appropriate pages and inform search engines in the background. To be able to do this analysis and manage these pages, a section named 404 Error Reports has been developed. This section follows the pages and pictures with no software and with these link it can do the related process. For the 404 errors followed by the server, the beforehand existed Statistics / Other Visitor Statistics / Error Statistics and Statistics / Other Visitor Statistics / Link Error Statistics sections continue to report on the one hand. Below is an overview of the 404 error reports section.
  • In form of items, let's examine the properties;
  • 1 It shows the file that is not working. Here, every visible record may not be meaningful, it should be examined and evaluated. For example, if you try to enter a random page in the address line on the e-commerce site, it will appear immediately on the report screen.
  • 2It indicates to the page that is being directed to nonworking page. For example, in the 4th record, one page is directed to another page.
  • 3The link counter shows how many times this page has been visited between specific dates. Thus, the importance of this unrequited page will be revealed.
  • 4The reference shows the page that supplies this page, the reference may not always be detected.
  • 5It shows how many times the redirection is made with the relevant reference. A page may have been accessed 10 times. It is understood from this section how many of these occur with the relevant reference.
  • 6It specifies the date of the first detection.
  • 7It specifies the date of the last detection. With this information, non-current records may not be very important.
  • 8With Predefined Redirection, all pages that are not working can be directed to a fixed page. For example, all non-working pages can be redirected to the blog section. Before taking any action on this subject, it should be considered well. As a standard, free pages are directed to a Welcome page by sending 404 messages and the content of this page can be done from block management section.
  • 9With export, the pages in the report are exported as Excel.
  • 10It switches to the other 404 Errors section, where on this page the unrequited pages detected by the server are reached.
  • 11With Add Redirection, a page with no equivalent is redirected to another page. This process is carried out as 301.
    12When clicking on the link with the filter, a menu opens and the possibility of a detailed filter is provided. This page contains 20,000 entries. It will be useful to delete the records that have been processed. The operations related to deleted records will not be cancelled and will only be deleted from the report page. The Update Database link can be clicked to get new records immediately. To access the section, use the link in the Admin panel, Sections / Link Management / 404 Error Reports.
Use of clean URL in link addresses of the category pages
The link addresses of the category pages on the e-commerce site are one of the topics that search engines pay attention to. By looking at the search engine page address, you will know what that page is about. The most understandable and short name representing the category that is sold is the most appropriate.
Note: In the picture, the results of the MadameCoco bed linen category page, in Google search engine, when "bedding set" is written, it comes in the first row.
Use of clean URL in link addresses of the product pages
The link addresses of the product pages on the e-commerce site are one of the issues that search engines pay attention to. By looking at the search engine page address, you will know what that page is about. The most understandable and short name representing the category that is sold is the most appropriate.
Note: In the picture, when "Kahramanmaraş tarhana" is written in the Google search engine, MaraşMarket product page is ranked first.

Use of clean URL in link addresses of the brand pages
Most of the time, customers reach e-commerce sites by searching for brands. Therefore, it is important to use original and clean URL in brand pages. If the brand contains a narrow category of original products, it is in this way "", if the product contains a wide category of original products, the link addresses can be created in the form as " ".
Note: In the picture, although the Do-Re Music Yamaha brand page is a very competitive word, when "Yamaha piano" is written in the Google search engine, all of the first three results come out completely suddenly.
Ability to manage the link addresses of all pages on the e-commerce site
There are dozens of pages within the site such as member registration, member login page, content pages, blog pages, contact page, site reviews, product reviews, news, etc. Each of these pages are pages in which the search engine indexes and sends visitors. The manageability of the addresses will have a positive effect on the number of visitors coming from the search engines.

Ability to manage extensions of page link addresses
Our desiring customers may not use an extension in their link addresses. Extensions are not used in the above examples. Some of our customers may prefer different extensions in some sections. For example, the products may use the extension ".html", on other pages this extension may not be used at all. This use allows the same file name to be used on different pages.
Sitemap feature
Because e-commerce sites contain a lot of pages, it may take a lot of time for search engines to scan these pages, so to reduce this time and to provide the most accurate information to the search engine, it is important that the search engine is able to use Sitemap in the software.
The users of T-Soft e-commerce system can easily report their content to search engines via Sitemap from the first day.
From your address at, you can review the sitemap. For a sample sitemap, click here
Ability to manage the default sitemap change frequency on module basis
The search engines via the sitemap, as informed, make an index the pages found in the e-commerce site, and the information to be sent to the search engine on the sitemap is also important. In this context, on the basis of the main modules on the site, it has been made possible to manage the default sitemap exchange frequency information. As it can be seen in the picture, it is possible to share information on the basis of modules, such as showing in the sitemap, never changing, change hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annual.
Ability to manage the default sitemap priority values on module basis
One of the shared information on the sitemap is the priority value. By looking at this value for each page, priority is provided when compared to other pages within the site, where low value does not mean that the page is not important, it is used to indicate the priority between the other pages of the same e-commerce site. With this feature, default values can be defined on the basis of the module.
Feature of the ability to create picture sitemap file
If e-commerce sites are able to express themselves well to search engines, it is also possible for them to be in such higher ranks. Search engines have recently placed images as a priority. In the search engines, especially in the Google search engine, the image sitemap structure has been developed in order to be able to take place in the top rankings, especially in image searches, and to include product images in the first visible results.
The link is the image sitemap address. When this address is registered from Google website administrator tools, the e-commerce site will begin to appear in top positions in image searches. For a sample image sitemap, click here.
Nowadays, when technology is developing at an unbelievable speed, the importance of working with T-Soft e-commerce is increasing in order to keep pace with this speed. A good infrastructure brings good turnovers; problematic systems make entrepreneurs lose their jobs.
Ability to manage title, description, keyword fields within the top information for each category
You can manually edit the Title, Keywords, and Description fields on each category page of your site. If you want, you can create it automatically with an algorithm you have defined previously.
Ability to manage title, description, keyword fields within the top information for each product
You can manually edit the Title, Keywords, and Description fields on each product page of your site. If you want, you can create it automatically with an algorithm you have defined previously.
Ability to manage title, description, keyword fields within the top information for each brand
You can manually edit the Title, Keywords and Description fields on each brand page of your site.
Ability to manage the title and definitions of all the pages on e-commerce site
E-Commerce site's pages such as contact page, content pages, news, campaigns, blog, photo gallery, video gallery, product reviews, site reviews, customer service can also be managed independently of each other, including the title, keyword and description pages.
Ability to interfere with the interface codes with template management
Search engine optimization experts want to interfere with the interface codes of the software. They don’t want to edit tags such as H1, H2 according to their own way of working, they want to do optimization studies. In T-Soft e-commerce software, the interface codes can be interfered and in a hierarchical order the codes of the desired page can be accessed and edited.
With template management feature, optimization specialists have a very comfortable working environment.
Ability to manage the formatting features with CSS management
CSS - style management allows page codes to become meaningful images. By using these features, search engine optimization experts want to make arrangements according to their own working methods.
In T-Soft e-commerce software, editing can be done by providing access to CSS files.
CSS compression technology
All CSS available in the e-commerce site are unified and compressed. Page load times have been reduced and traffic usage has been decreased. CSS files are pages with code for formatting pages on sites. As sites grow, the formatting data here is growing, so it can take some time to load these files. With the new technologies, these files can be compressed and save a great deal of money. "So if all the CSS is a single file, how do we change the design of our page? Are we no longer able to use the Check Items of Browsers tools?" It sounds that we hear the voice of our customers. Of course, if the software you use is T-Soft, all this has been considered. If you are logged in to your E commerce site as an administrator, when you access the site as a visitor, the CSS will come uncompressed and you will be able to easily access the CSS you want to change. Then you can easily change the CSS you have found in the Style Management section. In all T-Soft E commerce packages, CSS compression is offered to our customers as a standard.
Google analytics compatibility
In Google search engine with the program called Google Analytics, e-commerce site related statistics are shared with the user. The users of T-Soft e-commerce system can easily place their membership codes from the management panel and use this program when they become members of this program.
With Google Analytics order integration, orders created in the virtual store can be easily tracked through the Analytics program.
Ability to manage tracking codes
For SEO purposes, some codes can be placed within the site and some analysis may be required on the page. Different SEO programs have requests to add code within the site. The tracking codes section has been developed so that these codes can be added independently of each other and in order to enable the preferred one to be passive. You can access the tracking codes section from the heading Settings / Tracking Codes. A new code can be added, before , after , before .
Again, the member can be added to the in the approval page, or in the member confirmation page before . The codes required to be placed on the order pages can be made in the order management section as before. Since there are large security vulnerabilities with codes, the registration is recorded on which date, from which IP address, which user is added. An optional Code can be temporarily passive, and the priority of the operation sequence of the code can be determined.
Product labeling feature
The working principle of the product labeling module is as follows; Other words that a product is associated with are displayed on the product's detail page as a link. When the same label is used on more than one product, for the relevant label created on the address page, the products where the label is written appear as if they were a category page.
When the search engine indexes the relevant page, it also sees other related links and indexes those pages, and the link that is given from one of the two related pages to the other is very valuable.
In the same way, these pages are also sent to the search engine separately. To find out more about this feature which has contributed to increasing sales by getting more visitors from the search engines, click here
Canonical Compatibility
It is common for a site to have a large number of pages listing the same product group. For example, while on one page can display products listed in alphabetical order, on another page the same products can be displayed in a way that is listed by price or rating. It is an example of canonical usage. If Google understands that these pages have the same content, it can Index only one version for our search results. The algorithms select the page that the user thinks it is best that responds to his query. However, users can define a standard page in the search engine by adding an item with rel="canonical" to the section of the non-standard version of the page. Adding these link and feature allows the site owner to define the same content and give Google the following suggestion: "The content of all these pages is the same, and this page is more useful. Please give priority to this page in the search results." This new option allows site owners to suggest the version of the page that Google should process as a standard. Google will consider this suggestion with other warnings when determining which URL groups have the same content and evaluating which page is most relevant to searches for being displayed in the search results. Thus, the pages that have the same content but accessed by different names are clearly explained to Google that there is no deception or error, and the quality of the relevant e-commerce site is increasing and the availability is growing. The feature is available in all our packages. No settings are required for activation.
Use of ALT tags in image files
Search engines recognize the definition of images from the name of the image file as well as from the ALT tag specified by the text. In T-Soft e-commerce system, product images are also supported by the Alt tag and messages are given to search engines in the best way.
Rich snippets - use of structured data
Google rich snippets is a tagging technology based on the fact that the data in your e-commerce site is stored parametrically in the Google database and displayed in the appropriate results in searches. The purpose of this technology is to provide a single line of information about the content under the queries so that the visitor can more easily understand what the page is about. This type of tagging, which will cause effective changes in Google results, is of great importance for e-commerce sites. The use of Google Rich Snippets requires extreme caution. As a result of this study, in the e-commerce site, the price of the product included in the search engine will appear as a result of search. In Google Webmaster Tools page, under Search View, you can see your structured data in the structured data section.
Use of Google Taxonomy

Each day, Google goes further beyond seeing the e-commerce sites as a normal post store, and starts to bring the categories, products and prices of the site into the results by evaluating and interpreting each parameter separately. On the other hand, since Google cannot use an initiative like a human being, the details found on the e-commerce sites need to be specified in a way that it can understand.
In this sense, Google Taxonomy was developed. By categorizing each product in a standard, standards have been created for understanding the same product in the same category throughout the world.
With the feature developed by T-Soft, all categories on the e-commerce site are matched with Google Taxonomy and the relevant message is exactly given to the search engine. This feature is now required in the Merchant Center feeds that have been created to publish product ads on Google.
To go to Google Taxonomy list and get more information click here
Browser Caching Feature
In search engines, appearing in top positions and fast opening of sites are two important issues that are on everyone's agenda. Recently, Google search engine has also taken Browser Caching into priority data. This feature allows both the site to be opened more quickly and Google search engine makes the site more privileged than its competitors.
When browser caches visitors open the e-commerce site, and after uploading the image, CSS and JS files, it allows them to not reload the data again when they are browsing the other pages of the site or when they come back to the same page. In this way, the site opening times are shortened even more.
This feature, which provides great benefits for both, has been developed in T-Soft e-commerce software. Customers who are using all our packages can benefit from this feature. There is no need to activate the feature. As a software standard, it is active in all of our packages.
Creating an SEO-compatible automatic image file name
For search engines, the name of the image file is very important at two points. Firstly, the number of people searching through the image increases day by day and visitors reach the e-commerce sites through the images. Therefore, since search engines will better understand what the image will be associated with from the image file name, the products of the virtual store will be placed in the first place when the products with the correct named images are searched.
Secondly, all the parameters on a page are meaningful, related and verify each other, which allows the search engine to redirect visitors to that Page in the relevant words. From this point of view, all of the factors such as product name, breadcrumb, rich snippets, picture name are meaningful and compatible, which will allow you to get more visitors from search engines.
In the T-Soft e-commerce system, whatever the image name is before, when uploaded to the site, the software will automatically name the image in an SEO-compatible manner and the image name in the site appears in the form of product-name extension.
Possibility of using Favicon
In some sites in Internet browsers, in the upper left corner, we sometimes observe that the logos of those sites appear in a very small way, this is called the favicon. Recently, search engines have acknowledged that this is a sign of professionalism and it gives importance to be on the pages. In T-Soft e-commerce systems, it is possible to use favicon. While listing the Yandex results from the popular search engines of recent times, this picture also shows the favicon at the beginning of each entry.
In the search for "bedroom sets" shown in the picture, two of the outgoing results, the first and the third in order, are T-Soft e-commerce projects. The icons of the sites appear on the leftmost. In addition, by rich snippets data, the search engine has also added the product prices to the listings.
Recording the pages that cannot be found
One of the most disliked issues by search engines, after you have listed any site as a result, is the removal of that page from the site and the search engine does not know about it. In particular, the Google search engine has gained a reputation for bringing the right pages related to the searched word.
In an e-commerce site, a product may be deleted and may not be sold after a period of time, if the search engine search is redirected to this page, the search engine expects the e-commerce site to do something about it in a short time, and when it is not done, it decreases its score and pulls it down in the rankings.
In Google Webmaster Tools, these pages are shown in the browsing errors heading in the browsing section. Similarly, there is a similar recording structure in T-Soft e-commerce software. When a visitor wants to enter a non-page, the software records it and lists it in 404 error reports. Since this record is formed at the time of demand here, it is ensured that the site administrator is aware of it while Google is not yet aware of it. The site owner takes precautions and the search engine has never encountered this situation.
In addition, when entering a page that is not described in a separate title, the design of the page shown can be managed separately and the incoming visitor is not lost.
Ability to redirect the pages that aren’t found to another page
A page may have been removed from the publication for any reason. In this case, it is necessary to redirect the visitor to another page that is most relevant. This is called 301 redirect in technical language. The pages that are not in T-Soft e-commerce software can be detected and redirected to another page with 301 redirect. For example, if a bedroom model is no longer being sold and the product page has been removed from the publication, that page can be redirected to the category in which it is linked to, so that even if the customer can't find that product, he can reach a page with similar products.
Using Google breadcrumb
With this feature, the search engines are notified of each product's category step layout, the search engine better understands the product and directs more visitors. In addition, instead of the address in the search results, category steps are written, if the customer wants, he can go to the product page or, if he wants, he can go to the category or to the higher category where the product is located.
Under search view in Google webmaster tools, you can see whether your ecommerce site uses breadcrumb in the Structured Data header. In T-soft e-commerce software, the feature works through the navigation block. In order to benefit our customers, they must use the navigation block on product listing and product details pages.
In the search with the word "piano", which is seen in the picture, the first two results bring up Dore Music pages, which is a T-soft project. In a main word, it is rare to see more than one result from the same page.
Ability to enter special text content on each category page
In the pages listing the products in the categories, only product images, product names, and links to products are available. While search engines are indexing these pages, they can meet the situation negatively because they do not see much text. With T-Soft e-commerce system, by writing one or two paragraphs on each category page separately, links to the relevant words can be given and the search engines can convey the message about that category in the best way.
HThe prepared articles may be placed at the top of the page if desired, and may be placed at the bottom of the page if desired. In these sections, since there is a possibility to interfere with the interface codes, with different scripts, some of the text can be displayed and the rest can be hidden, and with an icon like + sign, it can be completely visible. In this way, the visitor will not be disturbed by these texts too much.
Ability to enter special text content on each brand page
The brand pages list the products belonging to the relevant brand. In these pages, only product images, product names and links to products are available. While search engines are indexing these pages, they can meet the situation negatively because they do not see much text. With T-Soft e-commerce system, by writing one or two paragraphs on each brand page separately, links to the relevant words can be given and the search engines can convey the message about that brand in the best way.
The prepared articles may be placed at the top of the page if desired, and may be placed at the bottom of the page if desired. In these sections, since there is a possibility to interfere with the interface codes, with different scripts, some of the text can be displayed and the rest can be hidden, and with an icon like + sign, it can be completely visible. In this way, the visitor will not be disturbed by these texts too much.
Automatic meta-creation template
While entering each product, you can define META fields individually, with T-Soft e-commerce system, you can program the contents that should be in these areas from one area and you can activate this definition in each product. For example, for TITLE field, you can define by giving priority such as "write the product name first, then type the site name and then type the category name" and by specifying what the content is, then you can create automatic SEO content in each product according to this definition.
Rich content access opportunities
In e-commerce sites, one of the most valuable items in terms of search engine performance is the original content. The more unique-original content you have, the higher you get visitors through content-related words.
In T-Soft e-commerce system, there are many modules to publish your content. With the blog module, you can create your content, enter the title and description information for each post, and define the link address of each blog post independently, and in the same way, you can create your original content with the content pages, news, announcements sections with the same features.
Ability to define collective SEO areas in products
You can make SEO settings as a collective specific to a Brand, a Model, a Category, or a specific group of products, or you can make some specific definitions for the specified products. For example, in a television movie, a player wears a very nice outfit, and if consumers are searching for that brand and that player in search engines, you can add that player's name to all the search areas in all the products that belong to that brand and all the searches will be redirected to your site.
Ability to manage the not found contents of 404 page
When the requested file cannot be found in e-commerce sites, the error message "HTTP 404 - file not found" is returned. This situation may be possible in case that if a link on the e-commerce site is written incorrectly, and if the old existing Page was deleted later; if the search engines are not aware of it, visitors may appear when they click on a link from the search engine. In other sites or blogs, if a link is provided to a page within the e-commerce site, then such a situation may occur if the link to this page has changed, or if a previously published page for different reasons may be removed from the publication later. Search engines are very valuable for ecommerce sites, and the incoming visitors from here are worth gold. It is very effective to give information to incoming visitors with a meaningful page and to put the content they are interested in on that page.
Image compression feature
Search engines give importance to the compression of images. It is important to compress the image so that the pages can be opened more quickly. During product installation, if the ecommerce site administrator is loading an image with a JPG extension, the T-Soft ecommerce software compresses the product images according to the compression settings specified earlier in the administrator panel. In this way, images take up less space.
Keyword determination with in-site search statistics
Virtual store owners are in a constant effort to get more visitors from search engines, but if a visitor from an irrelevant word does not make a purchase, it will often cause unnecessary traffic to the site and create a hidden cost, and on the other hand, the efforts made to get visitors from irrelevant words will also be wasted.
It is important for the customer to buy what he is looking for; here it is important how he expresses the product he wants to buy. A search statistics section has been created to obtain this information. T-Soft e-commerce users can access the information such as in which dates the customers have typed in what words they made searches within the site and how many products they saw at the end of these searches and they can develop strategies with this information.
Again in the admin panel, the incoming visitors from search engines can also be viewed by searching for which words they came from.
Ability to load images as slides (lazy-load)
A large number of products are loaded on the category pages. As this number increases, the speed of page opening is also slowing down. Search engines positively evaluate every feature that increases the speed of the page's opening. The operating logic of the image loading feature as it slides is as follows. When the page is first opened, the page codes are completely loaded, and the product images that appear on the screen are also loaded in the same way. As the scroll bar is lowered down, the product images also begin to load. This reduces loading at the boot.
Possibility of using WebP
Google brings out new tools, applications, and products from day to day and supports those who benefit from them. For a long time, the image format, which was unrivalled in paintings of many colours, was JPG. The JPG format makes a lot of compression compared to BMP and similar formats.
As an alternative to JPG, Google claims to compress the WEBP format with 40% more than JPG. This creates effective results, such as the use of less-sized images by sites, the use of disk space on sites, and the reduction of traffic, as well as the overall ease of internet traffic in the world.
WEBP format images can be uploaded in T-Soft e-commerce software. In the picture there is a page image that can be uploaded to these images.
Managing Robots.txt File
The Robots.txt file is a critical file for ecommerce sites that communicates with search engines. From time to time by entering some content into this file, search engines are given a message, these messages can be of great importance for search engine optimization. By adding this feature to T-Soft software developments, which help customers when such requests occur, it allows the customer to apply the changes he wants on the site instantly without needing anyone. To manage the Rabots.txt file, the Settings / General Settings / Other Settings page opens and the setting shown in the picture is edited. (If you are not familiar with the use of this file, please do not take an action, the wrong information entry may cause your site to be removed from search engines.)
Dynamic product loading

Customers in the virtual store, category pages, when reviewing the products, they do not like to do a page-by-page visit, so they often stop searching for products after the end of the first page.
Popular social media sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google + 1 use this structure very actively and as the visitor drops the page down, the current content is constantly coming. The customer unknowingly reviews all of the products in that category.
When the first page is opened using dynamic product loading, the page is loaded very quickly because it is opened with 9-10 products, it is also reflected positively in the search engine performance and the search engines send more visitors. The dynamic product loading is not included with packages in T-Soft e-commerce system and is sold to customers as a paid module.
Easy and flexible management possibility of footer links
In search engine optimization, the links to the pages that are placed under the page and which are important in the section called footer are made widely. The links given in this section are very valuable.
In T-Soft ecommerce system, categories can be created easily from the admin panel for the bottom section of the site, and the headings can be entered into these categories and links to related pages can be given.
Using the link rel=prev , link rel=next tag in pagination
In e-commerce sites, the products in the category pages do not fit on one page and are paginated. It is very important for search engines to understand this structure correctly. Otherwise, they can have negative consequences. In the case of results on more than one page on this topic, the previous and subsequent pages in the pages are forwarded to the search engine with the link rel=prev , rel=next tags. With this usage, the number of visitors coming from the search engine is increasing.
Possibility of original link address in different language options
In the case of the search engine's ecommerce site provides multi-language services, a page must have a separate address for each language option, so that it can index separately for each language option.
In T-Soft ecommerce system, the software infrastructure has been prepared according to this, and if the language is published on the site, it is possible to create different link addresses in each language for pages such as product pages, category pages, etc.
Using of Hreflang tag
For search engines, it is necessary to provide correct information about the languages that the site is publishing. If the ecommerce site serves with more than one language option, for example, in the product page, it is necessary to notify which link addresses of the same page can be accessed in other languages. Sample usage form: .
These features are available in T-Soft projects that sell in multiple languages. Google webmaster tools now include this feature under a title and Google warns web site administrators about this issue and informs them how much they care about it.
Entering title and description fields in multi-language usage
If the e-commerce site serves in more than one language, the title, keyword and description fields must be entered separately in each language. In the results of search engine searches, the resulting results result in the contents written in these areas.
If this contents are not allowed to be entered, it will not be possible to obtain visitors from the relevant languages in search engines even if there is a possibility of using multiple languages in the site.
Ability of Bulk loading of product title, keyword and description fields with Excel
Although it is possible to edit the title, keyword and description fields, which we call SEO fields, in the products individually, it is also necessary to perform the batch operations. As the number increases, the single operation can become very difficult. In the T-Soft ecommerce system, there are many facilitations in this sense. One of these is the management of these areas through excel. By exporting to excel first, the existing contents are imported, and by editing them, they can be exported in bulk again.
Possibility of entering original content to the customer with campaign scenarios for increasing comments

Customers' comments to the site are completely original and natural, as it is produced by thousands of different people. On the one hand, it creates original content within the e-commerce site, while on the other hand it allows customers to make purchases by being influenced by the opinions of other customers. In T-Soft e-commerce software, comments can be made to the site and comments can be made to the product. Comments made to the site and the product are listed on separate pages. To review the comments on the Parfimevi site, one of our successful customers, please click here
With the campaign module make a comment Earn points, after a certain period of time from the customer's order, the customer is thanked for his shopping with an automatic mail and if he shares his views for these products by offering a list of products he has purchased, he will earn points. Thus, the customer both earns points and expresses his views.
Mobile compatibility
The access from mobile devices is increasing day by day. Search engines now give importance consumers' mobile use and consider whether or not e-commerce sites are compatible with mobile access as a scoring criterion. T-Soft ecommerce software can optionally provide its customers with a responsive mobile design option or mobile site solutions. We also have mobile application solutions for Android and iOS operating systems.
Javascript compression
Search engines give importance to the fast opening of e-commerce sites and negatively evaluate the elements that delay the opening. One of them is Javascript. In T-Soft e-commerce software, Javascript is compressed and placed within the site in such a way to take up as little space as possible.
Possibility of fast content access with block management
Block Management of T-Soft is one of the unrivalled features of e-commerce systems, allowing editing in drag-and-drop ease on every page of the site.
It is possible to enter a text content for any page within seconds. Thus, it can be easily edited on the pages that are given importance in terms of SEO. To be able to have detailed information about Block management, please click here
Ability to manage sitemap change frequency for each page in particular
Search engines via sitemap index the pages found in the e-commerce site as informed, the information to be sent to the search engine on the sitemap is also important. In this context, it is possible to manage the default sitemap change frequency information on the basis of each link in the site. On the basis of each link, it is possible to share information such as show in the sitemap, never change, change hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. The article 7 describes the ability to edit collectively the frequency of sitemap changes on the basis of modules.
Ability to manage sitemap priority values for each page in particular
One of the information shared on the sitemap is the priority value. By looking at this value for each page, priority is provided when compared to other pages within the site, where low value does not mean that the page is irrelevant, it is benefits to specify the priority among other pages of the same e-commerce site. With this feature, default values can be defined on the basis of each link in the site. The article 8 describes the ability to edit collectively the sitemap priority values on the basis of modules.
Index-Noindex management possibility in main modules
Sometimes, a page must be on an e-commerce site, but search engines are not required to index this page. This page can be a specific page for a particular group of customers, in some way it is hidden within the site, but may be working when clicking on the link address. The content on this page may not be required to be listed by the search engine. Because of the content on this page, the future visitor may not benefit the ecommerce site. If a module is not required to be displayed in the search engine for many reasons like this, this preference is marked via the block management module.
To read Google's article on the subject, click here
Follow-Nofollow management possibility in main modules
For search engines, e-commerce sites are responsible for all content contained within the page. When search engines are browsing a site, they also follow the links in that site. If the site is a prestigious site, the site to which it links is also a prestige as it acquires some predictions. Therefore, when a page is indexed, it is also necessary to be able to give information from the meta fields about whether or not that page will be tracked by the search engine.
You can watch the video taken by Google related to the subject.
Possibility to use RSS Feed News
With RSS feed, you can get internet site updates to your computer, or mobile device using Google, MS Outlook and similar platforms. With T-Soft e-commerce systems RSS feed structure, News is offered as an RSS feed. In this way, e-commerce site customers will be notified of newly added products to their sites. The RSS structure allows the same content to be published automatically on social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. Some content tracking sites or news sites can also track the RSS feed on your page so that they can present newly added news to your site on their pages. In this way, the news receives External links and search engine performance increases.
New products RSS Feed possibility
With RSS feed, you can get internet site updates to your computer, or mobile device using Google, MS Outlook and similar platforms. With T-Soft e-commerce systems RSS feed structure, New products are offered as RSS feed. In this way, e-commerce site customers will be notified of newly added products to their sites. The RSS structure allows the same content to be published automatically on social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. Some content tracking sites also track the RSS feed on your page so that they can present newly added products to your site on their pages. In this way, your new products receive External links and search engine performance increases.
Google merchant center feed compatibility
Google can now display the products of the e-commerce site as ads on searched or contracted sites and when clicked, the product page can be opened directly. It does this with a service called Merchant Center. To publish a product on Merchant Center, it is necessary to provide an appropriate XML service. This compatibility is available in T-Soft e-commerce software.
The widespread use of Google services makes a positive contribution to the site's ranking in front of the Google search engine. The search shown in the picture was made for the Yamaha YDP-143 model. The first place is the Merchant Center ads. Then the normal search results appear. When a Yamaha product of the doremusic site, which serves with T-Soft e-commerce infrastructure, is searched, it appears first on the Yamaha's own site.
In addition to the default fields, gender information is also shared. The Male - Female - Unisex options for a product are updated in the admin panel by the site administrator. This information is transferred through Google Shopping integration.
Possibility of 301 redirecting in bulk
For different reasons, some pages may need to be redirected to other pages with 301.
For example, the sale of all products in a category may be stopped and dozens of product pages may require to be redirected to a different page.
In e-commerce projects, that prefer to switch from different software to T-Soft e-commerce systems, it allows importing via Excel so that their old connections can be redirected to new ones. In this way, visitors who click on the old link addresses will be directed to the new pages correctly, this information will be transmitted to the search engine in the background and the search engine will be updated itself in a short time. In the link management module, it can be done easily from Import option, it is enough to have old link address in one column and new link address in the other column.
Chain blocking redirection
From time to time one page is redirected to another, and the redirected page may need to be redirected to another. In this case, the search engine goes to the second page when it comes to the first page, it goes to the third when it comes to it, maybe in this way the orientation can be for 10 times.
The search engines clearly report that they are uncomfortable with these applications that force their systems. To solve this, if a link is directed to another link, all other links that are directed backwards to the old link must also be directed to the last link. To give an example, "a > r" , "b > r" , "n > v" , "v > r" , if there is such a redirection and there will be "r> t", editing should be made backwards like "a > t" , "b > t" , "n > t" , "v > t" , "r > t" .
When a 301 redirection is made in T-Soft e-commerce software, all of these processes are performed automatically in the background.
Language, Currency and Location Usage in Google Shopping Ads
It is one of the traditional predictions that the more Google services are used, the more successful the site will rank in search engine results by sharing information between services.
Google Shopping (Merchant Center) is one of these services. In the product ads section at the top of the search results, if the site is running ads, there is a preliminary view that it will benefit from the normal results of that product.
T-Soft e-commerce system has an efficient integration with Google and shares the product information accurately.
For the sites selling globally, the Language, Currency and Location Option of the Product is also in the same way transmitted as a parameter. An example of XML address is: /xml/ In this way, the customer coming through the uploaded feed will see Germany (DE) prices, see currency (USD), and will see the site content in English (EN).
Fast Pages with HTTP / 2 & QUIC Technology
Search engines ensure that the fast-opening pages appear in the top positions in search results.
Privileged e-commerce sites using T-Soft infrastructure provide faster and more secure service to their customers through HTTP / 2 and QUIC technologies.
You can observe that HTTP/2 and QUIC technology are active on your site via the protocol field and HTTP/2 and SPDY indicator Chrome extension in your browser console. SSL , HTTPS, HTTP/2 and QUIC technology on all pages are offered to our customers at an appropriate license fee.
HTTP/2 HTTP/2 HTTP/2 technology provides faster web performance in secure connections. It allows your site to load much faster.
HTTP / 2 advantages;
Multiplexing and concurrency. While the current Internet technology HTTP 1.1 requires a TCP connection for each item, HTTP / 2 loads multiple items at the same time over a single TCP connection. More compression With HTTP/2 technology, items to be loaded are compressed in order to produce less traffic and consume less system resources.
Stream dependencies With the prioritization feature, it provides a more important item to be loaded before.
HTTP/2 browser support Most commonly used browsers have HTTP / 2 support. Very old browsers that do not support HTTP / 2 allow data transfer over HTTP / 1.1. All browser versions above Google Chrome 43, Mozilla Firefox 38, Microsoft Edge 12, Opera 32 and Safari 9 have HTTP/2 support.
QUIC It is a data transfer technology developed by Google derived from the words (Quick UDP Internet Connections). TCP is a much more complex and functional protocol, but it is a bit slower. TCP is a protocol that can't be modified or improved in a way that is embedded in the operating system kernel. UDP authentication is a protocol with low speed. QUIC provides data transfer over the UDP protocol with better authentication rather than TCP, enabling faster loading of internet sites.
Creating a Custom Link Address for Search Results and Indexing the Results
The searches made within the site ensure the creation of dynamic pages and are constantly remain up to date. After determining popular searches with different statistical tools, a custom link address can be created for the relevant search in the management panel. In this way, it is possible to take the first place in different words. To give an example, if customers are searching for "pen eraser types" and if they want to be placed in the top ranks in the search engine, a link address can be created for "pen eraser types" and when clicked, this search can be made within the page.
The feature does not come with package solutions as a standard, but is purchased as a separate module.
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