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Professional Solutions
1,400 $ 1,200 $
Get your place in the world of professionals with your special design .
2,400 $ 1,800 $
A professional infrastructure requires strong integration
3,600 $ 3,000 $
Sell anywhere in the world without limit
Responsive Interface Design and Implementation
Design is the identity of the site, be original to be forgotten!
Your virtual store can be differentiated from similar sites with a specially designed design, you can serve the customers with best fit design according to the product category and the customers' shopping habits.
With Responsive designs, the customer can access both the desktop and the smartphone and tablets and the page appears in the proper format.
Home page, category page where products are displayed, The top and bottom of the site are designed specifically for you on all other pages, and after your approval, e-commerce is being applied to your site.
Designs of popular brands are designed and used by the T-Soft creative team.
ERP Integration
Full integration with accounting programs is life line for virtual store.
If an e-commerce project has a daily order count of over 30, follow-up work greatly increases the workload when carrying out manual work in many issues from stock follow-up, billing, accounting operations , increases the potential for error and jeopardizes the sustainability of the project.
  With the commercial software integrations, the products opened on the commercial software are automatically transferred to the virtual store, the product stock and price information are automatically updated, the orders are transferred to commercial software, the members are opened as current cards and the collections are transferred.
The common feature of all successful projects is the a utomation. The lack of automation in the projects that are unsuccessful and have to close is the biggest deficiency. In projects that do not work systematically, personnel changes are very high and operational processes are very tiring.
Ruthlessly competing in the domestic market? No need. Look alive, T-Soft is after you!
You can sell where the logistics companies are reaching. Turkey's e-export pioneer T-Soft is actively serving from software requirements to global logistics integrations, global payment integration to informative events.
In line with the targets of 2023, one of the most important actors of the USD 500 billion export target will be the projects that will serve with T-Soft infrastructure. Join this power coalition, sell Turkish products to the world, we boast with the infrastructure , you boast with the foreign currency entry in country.
This struggle is not just a struggle to make money. A nation is a fight for freedom. Do not delay, do not stay indifferent, do not stop, we are always with you!
The shopping experience starting from desktop devices is in our pockets today. Mobile is not an end, it is a new beginning!
Once upon time, there was a culture which people note to need shop and complete orders when sitting on computer because there is no more.
There is a new era in internet exchange with smart phones and mobile applications.
In the days when mobile visits are close to 70%, not seeing a mobile is considered to be a commercial suicide.
T-Soft continues to add value to the projects it serves with applications developed by mobile operating systems in its natural software environments.
The customer waits for invitation, at the right time, the right place, accepting invitation is inevitable!
Technology is changing so fast in every field that experts can only succeed in tracking developments in one subject.
Digital marketing is at the forefront of these areas, such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and so on. Google merchant center, (product ads), remarketing, retargeting, etc. months have passed, that a new concept emerges and that bring opportunities with it.
Our digital marketing analysts analyze our clients' sites, determine the advertising budget they need, make the right decisions, and manage their advertising.
we serve from social media management to content solutions, while we do this, we add value to the projects and provide support to increase their profitability.
Advanced Support ServIce
Would not you like to work individually with your support specialist?
When serving tens of thousands of visitors every day, of course, you can talk with your problem, your curiosity, what you want to learn, an expert you have just met every call at the call center.
It is invaluable for those who want more, to have a special meeting with a specialist in T-Soft plaza, to exchange ideas, to receive special education with remote desktop connection, to meet with the same specialist who have the advantages of knowing you and your project very well.
 Experience the happiness of working with your advanced support specialist who keeps track of every innovation related to the software in your name, applies them with your approval and informs you,to prevent make mistakes, s/he apply demands when need detail information.
Logistics Integrations
Every order that does not/can not arrive is like a time bomb!
Customers are very comfortable until adding products in cart. The first sweat dribble flows when making a purchase decision, and the time that passes until the product is delivered is the same as when it doesn't lapse
On the one hand, the customer who does not know and see the seller pay for a payment, on the other hand the customer who wants to get to the product as soon as possible is very impatient. The process can cause great grievances if not subject to automation. It is very valuable to transfer the order to the cargo company without error and to ensure that the customer has the information through the automation from the different channels until the delivery of the package to the customer.
It is necessary to integrate logistics processes with automation in order to prevent the call center's jamming, the increase of customer mails and the mass of communication forms with the messages.
Full integration with 10 different domestic and global logistics companies at your service with T-Soft eCommerce.
Custom Solutions
If small borders make you uncomfortable, consider developing solutions to your expectations. Let's expand the boundaries, let's get your site in unique e-commerce sites. T-Soft's 15-year accumulation revive in your projects. If you think that you have place in T-Soft leaders club, latch string is always out . We will take your energy and your possibilities with the power of T-Soft, and then you will take a position in the sector as a new leader.
T-Soft in Social Media
Stay in contact! You can follow our campaigns and innovations through social media!
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