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The right substructure for integrated solutions is ready!

    In the last six years, internet and web technologies have started a new revolution in many areas. According to many researchers, XML-based web services will be the second step of  this revolution. Web services are modular application functions that can be published, searched and accessed in a Web environment. These functions will perform various corporate  business processes.

    Web services are a model that that finds intensive support by many software companies. Web services are based on open internet standards. The core standards that have emerged  and used at this stage in relation to this model are SOAP, WSDL and UDDI, which are currently in development and maturation stage.

    Microsoft, IBM, Sun, HP, Oracle and many other companies that support the web services model are working intensively on this issue and providing web services software and  application development tools to developers. Due to the intensive support of the companies in this field, the dominant environment for application integration will be based on the web  services model.

The main purpose of Web Services is to enable the interaction of program modules in business information systems. Web services are modular application functions that can be published, searched and accessed in a Web environment. These functions will perform various corporate business processes. These functions will carry out various corporate business processes. According to Frank Boss, a web service concept supporter, "There will be more web services available on the Internet than on the Web page in the future."

New generation web applications will be based on the web services model. With web services, institutions will combine business processes in other institutions, such as the vendor, customer and bank, to provide a number of advantages, such as better functionality and less cost.

    Gartner shows the "hype (hyperbole) curve" that has matured to the level of productivity after the emergence of a technology prepared by research firm. Web services are now widely  talked about, marketed and promised as a promising technology, in this curve, it was observed that it was in the "expectation summit" (Peak of Integrated Expectations) stage.

    T-Soft ecommerce systems, in version development processes, created web service standards and made web services available for use in order to be dynamic, to be able to move fast  with product developer solution partners, and to ensure that the customer does not have problems in the structure or architectural substructure differences of the e-commerce  software.

    In an e-commerce application, web services play a role in the most critical data transfer at many points. For example, if you want to integrate T-Soft e-commerce system with a  commercial software, web services provide an error-free data flow.
 Sample applications that can be done with T-Soft ecommerce systems web services;

    Stock Transfer
   Stock information from an external source can be transferred to e-commerce software via web services. Stock information can be updated from an external source and images can be  added-changed. Stock information can be extracted from T-Soft e-commerce system to an external software.

    Member (Current) Transfer
   Member information from an external source can be transferred to e-commerce software via web services. Member ainformation can be updated from an external source. Member  information can be extracted from T-Soft e-commerce system to an external software.

    Order Transfer
   Order information, stock information and prices available on order can be extracted from T-Soft e-commerce system to an external software.

    Current Movement Transfer
   The current transactions, Sales and Collection information realized in T-Soft ecommerce system can be transferred to an external software.

Why Web Services Are Important for E-Commerce Sites?

Would You Like to Try T-Soft Web Services?

In marketing, there is a model that is unethical but common, everything is there when we say it verbally, but there is very little when we buy it.
So, to try out the T-Soft Rest web services, we prepared a demo with no restrictions. You can login with the information below.

E-commerce site:
Visitor Address:
Management panel:
User name:
Password 12345678


Web Service Application Interface (API Console):
Access Address:
User name: service
Password: serv1234

With T-Soft REST Web Services, you can write your own applications, manage your site from these applications, and make changes to your site.
You can integrate T-Soft e-commerce platform with your existing software.

The web service application interface is a comprehensive documentation and application environment; it contains a lot of ready-to-use codes for many different software. To download the written documentation about the web service as PDF, click here

The Use of Rest Web Service Application Interface (API Console)

The API Console interface is as follows.

With the architecture where all security and control mechanisms are kept at the highest level, an unlimited number of users are opened, and each method can be authorized separately for each user.

In the Administration panel, from the Settings / User Management / Web Service Users section, user creation and authorization operations are performed.

The user authorization screen in the e-commerce management panel;

In a live test environment on the Web, with the possibility rich documentation, the results of all operations are easily displayed and software development becomes much easier.

T-Soft Web Service Console is in the service of software developers in Turkish, English and Azerbaijani.

You can log in via the console with the user information that was created previously.

If the entry is approved, token information can be accessed from the Auth section. The token will be valid until the session period expires.

Classes and methods are accessed through the black bar on the left side of the screen.

Once a method has been selected, the information is entered in the form field for the desired operations related to that method.

In the actual environment, the address of the data to be posted appears in the URL section.

If desired, the process can be done with Get, and it can be viewed by selecting it from the TYPE field.

After the data is prepared, it is sent with SEND.

Click on the grey area at the bottom of the screen to view the incoming answer. Request and Response data are available here.

The result is obtained from the Response section. In the example on the screen, a new customer was requested to be created, but the process failed because no code was assigned to the customer.

In the response field, this answer is seen. In this way, it can be easily tested whether or not a mistake has been made in the real environment.

In the same way, the value of the Array that is sent from the Request field is also displayed.

With Ready Codes We Made It Easy to Prepare Your Software

With web services, when a process is done with any method, it is available in the application interface in ready codes for use on platforms such as HTML, PHP, C#.

After logging to T-Soft REST API environment;

Whatever method is being worked on, after pressing send, in the upper right section, as in the illustration, different software language options appear.

After any selection is made, the code appears on the new page.

Below are the codes prepared with C#.

In this way, the development of software on e-commerce site has become much easier.

With T-Soft e-commerce, doing e-commerce, and making development on e-commerce software is enjoyable.

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