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Tracking Account Transactions
Your customers can track accounting transactions on their orders placed via the Virtual Store or directly, or payments, and learn their active account balance. Thanks to ERP integration, while the orders and payments on the application are transferred to the accounting program, transactions related to orders or payments entered directly into the accounting program are transferred to the application back.
Campaign Management
You can sell more to your customers with the different campaign scenarios that are constantly being renewed, and increase product diversity by cross-selling outside of the products they always buy. Virtual stores offer many advantages over offline retail through the ability to explain campaigns to the customer, the ease of calculation, and the practical editing facilities until the order is finalized.
Credit Limit Management
When placing orders from the dealer channel, the upfront payment can be very restrictive, if compared with retail sales.The loyal customer may expect flexibility in payment terms. With the possibility of determining different credit limits for each dealers, dealer can order without downpayments up to their own limit. You can use bulk payment notifications, to ask dealers to close their balances .
Representative & Salesperson Module
The dealer channel always requires close attention. It is not always possible to provide such case with one-to-one communication. Using the salesperson module, representatives can follow orders of the dealers assigned to them, record payment transactions on their behalf, and follow the orders and collections. All such activities of the salespersons can be monitored and their performance can be measured.
ERP Integration
Getting the order is presumably the most critical point of entire commercia lactivities. It is not possible to carry out an operation that has not started, but the projects where the operational processes are not managed are doomed to failure. Automated management of processes is very important in terms of minimizing errors. With ERP integration, the orders generated in a virtual store shall be automatically transferred to the accounting program.
This integration continues to work continuously without requiring any intervention. If there is a new dealer registration, opening of an account card on your ERP for this dealer and the transfer of all corresponding collections to the ERP is realized through integration.
T-Soft B2B solutions meet expectations using extremely flexible web service technology.
Excellent Customer Experience
In general, B2B solutions are considered as closed-circuit projects which serve to an existing portfolio, while rarely taken user habits into consideration, they are also far from visual appreciation.
As in all aspects of life, the environment offered to the customer in commercial orders, visual integrity, customer pleasure while spending time in the virtual store are very important.
The customer's ability to complete the order with easy steps and the fact that user interfaces are not contradicting with the customer habits provide great additions to the completion of sale cycle.
We bring in our experience gained from thousands of similar project experiences to life in B2B projects and turn the interface look and feel from a standard order screen into an artwork to deliver customer satisfaction.
T-Soft B2B e-commerce applications' superior features provide great convenience to its users. Companies that runs a dealer channel are generally placing more emphasis on getting their orders through an e-commerce system of this channel. Let's talk about just a few of the hundreds of advantages that companies which serve their dealers or corporate sales channel through T-soft e-commerce system;
Custom Pricing for Dealers
You can define custom price for each product to each dealer, and you can allow dealers to place orders at preconfigured prices after logging in to your site. You can define dealer groups, assign your dealers to these groups and make use of custom pricing opportunities to each group without having to deal with dealers one by one.
Custom Cargo Pricing
You can give different shipping options to your customers with your dealers. When you want to use the same cargo alternative, you can set separate pricing for dealers and customers. For example, if you are working with 6 different cargo companies, you can open 3 of them to your customers and the other 3 to your dealers, furthermore you can specify delivery methods specific to dealers, such as; From Warehouse or Our Own Shipment.
You can define the free shipping limit differently between your dealers and your customers.
Dealers Downpayent Management
You can have your dealers enter the system without placing any orders, and enable them to transfer payments directly from their own credit cards or customer credit cards.
In case your dealers pass the customer credit card through the payment screens, you can hide your site and have the dealer send you a payment alongside the customer without identifying you.
You can take a memo image about the payments made and print the memo.
Getting Dealer Details and Channel Application
In your e-site, you can create information pages such as your dealership system, advantages of being a dealer, dealer commercial terms, and you can receive dealer applications. Dealer applications will reach you as an information, and any dealers you approve its application shall be able to placing order from your site with the price level you decided.
Order Placing While Dealer Candidate Status
You can define a special status for your candidate dealers who apply for being your dealer, even if you have not approved dealership yet, you can allow such companies place an order at the terms and prices you have specified for this candidate status. For instance, a product with a retail price of 100 TL, if your dealer buys them for 60 TL, you can offer a candidate dealer with the price of 90 TL during the application assessment period.
Minimum and Maximum Order Quantity
For each product, you can determine a minimum and maximum number of products to be purchased separately, and you can ask your dealer to order wholesale. The minimum and maximum order quantities may be different on the basis of dealers and customers. For instance, while a customer can buy 1 item from a specific product, you can make it mandatory to buy at least 10 items of them for dealers, as your dealers should place an order in predefined number for getting a special discount.
Associate Payment Methods to Cargo Alternatives
You can associate the payment method with the cargo option you defined specifically to your dealer, for instance, in case you have created a direct shipment option for your dealers, you can specify an option to receive payment from your dealer by check or cash, and when MNG cargo is selected as a cargo, you can make these two payment options passive.
Tracking Account Transaction
It provides a debt transaction with the instructions of dealers, and by creating a credit transaction when a payment is made, corresponding transactions are created, so that your site has account details like in an accounting program, thus your customers can view the current transaction reports and print their transactions.
Credit Limit Definition
By defining a credit limit specifically for each customer, it allows the customers to place orders up to that limit without making any payment.
Dealers place their orders within their limits, until the limit is full. After this point they have to pass payment to the system.
Custom Product Listing
While in retail sales, products are listed more graphically and presented to the customer in catalogue view, for dealer systems, dealers generally know products and prefer to pass orders in series. With T-Soft e-commerce system, the dealers can display category pages with a pre-defined horizontal sequential view, so that dealers and customers can review products in different views and place their orders easily.
Differentiating Banners
A banner on your e-commerce site for your customers and has a price tag on it may be meaningless and misleading for dealers, as both dealers and customers can see the same page. T-Soft users are able to manage separately which banner is to be displayed at dealers or customers seperately.
Dealer Sections
For instance, by creating a section under Dealer News, any news that is added to the management panel can be presented to dealers. Similarly, sections can be created on dealer campaigns in forms, or discounted products of the week etc. All these contents can be easily created and updated from management panel.
Special Dealer Pages
Informative pages can be created for dealers and in such pages you may create content that may be confidential between you and dealers. Such as customer relationships, behaviour patterns, or similar contents dealers, which customers should not know about. T-Soft e-commerce systems offer a wide range of opportunities in this regard and thus provide the possibility to prepare special content for the dealers.
Sending Periodical Balance Details
Collectibles of dealers who have credit limits and who order using this limit, and it takes time to deal with the collection of these debts. T-Soft e-commerce system users can send a balance notification to their dealers collectively and debt information is transmitted to each dealer in a self-addressed manner.
Sending payment Notifications
Payment notifications may be sent to dealers with account balance every day or as often as required. When a dealer click on the link in their e-mail, they can settle their payments by entering their credit card information on the payment page without typing in username and password. Thanks to this application only for T-Soft users, it is now very easy to collect money from the dealer channel!
Sending Emails to Specific Dealer Groups
Dealers can be grouped for different requirements and an e-mail may be sent to each group in order to provide them information to increase orders. In T-Soft e-commerce systems, e-mails can be sent to a selected dealer group.
Sending SMSs to Specific Dealer Groups
Dealers can be grouped for different requirements and an SMS may be sent to each group in order to provide them information to increase orders. In T-Soft e-commerce systems, SMSs can be sent to a selected dealer group.
Reaching Own Account Details by Dealers
As dealers place orders and makes payment, number of activities in their accounts increase and they may require to reach and print these transactions in statements. With the T-Soft e-commerce software, the dealers can get own account statements from the applications by themselves.
Custom Receipt Design
When a dealer make payment to the e-commerce site, they print and keep a receipt in order to document their payment. This receipt may vary from company to company, therefore, design, pictures used on and data in the statement may differ. T-Soft e-commerce packages offers extremely flexible receipt design module. e-commerce site administrator can design the statement pursuant to layout of his own company from the admin panel, and customers can also print out statement in this design.
Hidden Price Tag to Visitors
Wholesale business may ask to promote their products on their sites only for informational purposes without any price tag. For this scenario, although they are not sales, a visitor can access product categories, pictures and product information without any price tag, while dealers can order the same products with prices when they log in.
Different Products Lists for Dealers and Customers
Dealers often buy products in larger quantities, and their amonts may be undesirable to be shown to retail customers. Again, dealers can buy semi-finished products or raw materials, but customers are only interested in final products. For similar reasons, it may not be desired for the customer to see the product sets that are available to dealers and vice versa. T-Soft e-commerce software can respond to this requirement and allows you to easily manage both channels from a single site.
Dealer Based Product Listing
The importance of each dealer to company may differ due to transaction volume and mutual relations , some dealers may also be agents that carry information to competitors, thus, it is sometimes undesirable to present each new product to each dealer. With T-Soft e-commerce solutions, it can be easily managed to show each dealer an different set of products.
Order Recording for Dealers
If you have decided to record all orders of dealer channel through your e-commerce application, however, your dealers are persistently placing orders by phone and fax, you can easily record all these orders without knowing the dealer's password or username on their behalf.
Seamless ERP and B2B Integration
If your dealers frequently visit your office to do their shopping and from time to time give orders over the phone, when orders received via e-commerce are added, your burden in accounting will also increase considerably. T-Soft e-commerce systems are equipped with the most advanced web service technology and can be easily integrated with any commercial software. Thanks to this integration, all transactions made through your e-commerce site are transferred to your commercial software, and the movements created in the commercial software are transferred to your e-commerce site bi-directional. For detailed information please refer to: e-commerce & commercial software integrations
Reporting Bank Provision Errors
As the dealers place their orders on the e-commerce site on the one hand, and on the other hand gets payments of their customers through e-collection, the number of erroneous and error-free transactions made with credit cards is increasing substantially. From this point on, information requests by dealers about reverse transactions or credit card attempts from time to time which require serious effort. T-Soft provisioning reports depicting section eliminates all these problems and within seconds, every record can be accessed and dealers can be informed.
Changing Product Metric
Some products such as; Carpet, Fabric, Cable, Pipe, Yarn, may be of long length and although dealers do not want to sell in pieces, but they may want to buy them cut piece by piece. This feature is optional in the T-Soft e-commerce system, and when activated in the selected quantity unit, the products added to cart in requested unit and can also be prepared and sent separately.
Product Part Collection Wizard
Product Part Collection Wizard allows the dealer to combine products from the relevant categories in the quantities they want, to see the total price, and to purchase them in bulk when approved, in cases where a product consists of many parts.
Sharing Product Stock Details by XML
If your dealers also opening up an e-commerce site, you can easily sell your products on their sites, and you can ensure that each product stocks are automatically updated on dealer's e-commerce sites.
Custom Product Pricing for each Dealre Group
T-Soft e-commerce system provides the opportunity to assign special prices to each product for each dealer group, for example, while the list price of the Wall Socket is 20 lira, dealers in dealer group 1 can buy from 10 lira, dealers in dealer group 2 can buy from 11 lira. In luminaires, all dealers can purchase products with a 20% discount from the list price. It is very important to be able to discount on a product basis for companies working with very slim margins for some products and for companies that try to trade with very slim margins for others.
RSS Support for New Product Introductions
Your resellers do not visit your site frequently when they don't need it, but they continue to check their e-mails every day. RSS system outlook etc. automatically sends the products you add to your site from the programs to your dealers by notifying them with an e-mail. In this way, your dealers will be informed from each new product on the same day and will place their orders if they need it.
Recorded Order Templates
You may be offering thousands of products to your dealers, but some of your dealers may be selling always same products due to spesific customer portfolio, physical conditions, etc. In such cases, instead of searching and finding these products from separate categories each time, they can record a shopping lists and only remove products that they will not buy for that order, and then just add their quantities. By this way, they can easily arrange and place their orders several times.
Adding Avatars and Comments by Dealers
In order for the dealers to be more effective in the e-commerce system and to share with other dealers, they have the opportunity to enter their company's logos or their own pictures. Also, the dealers can make comments on the products and read the comments of other dealers. Thus, they can have more detailed information about the products and take into account the opinions of other dealers.
Restock Notifications
When dealers see that the product they want to buy is out of stock, can pre order the product from details page, and the application shall notify them when the product is in stock by e-mail to order the product. In addition, managers can see which dealers are waiting for which products and can send a mass notification by e-mail to these dealers when the requested products are in stock or when they are able to supply.
Discount Notifications
The dealers, who find the product prices high, may want to be informed when the product price drops by marking these products and can make a purchase decision after this information is received. There is an area for the dealers to create a demand for each product. In addition, managers can see which dealers are waiting for discounted prices on product basis, and they can send a mass notification by e-mail to these dealers.
Multi Warehouse Locations
Dealers may have different branches or they may request product delivery to the customers they work with. In order to meet this demand, several shipping addresses can be recorded to the system, the dealers can request that the products they choose from these addresses for each order, and they can specify whether the invoice will come separately to another address or not.
3D Secure Limit
Dealers make payments from their own cards from time to time, and also can send payments from their own debit cards. There is a high risk of stolen cards in dealers who send their customers' payments, so the system can automatically switch to 3D Secure payment method over a certain limit, to minimize the risk.
Product Search by Hidden Words
In sectors such as automotive, white goods and informatics, there are several codes for each product as manufacturers change codes from time to time. There may be different customers knows different product codes. To solve such problems you can add words which shall not appear in product details, but can be found while searching. This is further very useful for products where their name of the literature and the market name are different.
Custom Order Notes
The administrators of the e-commerce site can make evaluations about the dealer orders and negotiate with the dealers. In order for each representative's negotiations to be recorded, an opportunity to write notes on the orders is provided, so that any other representative can be informed of the meeting.
Dealers Lead Time
The dealers can specify the planned delivery date for the products, ad may place a conditional order if the delivery can be made due or before the planned date.
Dealers Order Note
If the dealers have special requests about their products in their cart, they can send a separate note for each product. In this way, there is no need for phone calls, and no detail is overlooked.
Asking Offers
Dealers may consider ordering much more in quantity from the products on the site, or they may not find the prices appropriate and may request an offer for their requests. With T-Soft e-commerce systems, instead of placing an order for the products in cart, dealers can request an offer and send their notes about the offer, so that customer representatives can make an evaluation and convert the request into sales.
Various Representatives
You can create separate groups for both customers and dealers who want to communicate through your site, and sent communications of dealers to corresponding dealer representatives, and retail sales details to customer representatives.
Online COmpany Documents Upload
During dealer applications, it is possible to ask from the applicant to upload the system some scanned company documents. In this way, it is ensured that documents can be received online without the need to send them physically.
Acoount details in Excel
The current transactions, consisting of the receivables and payables of the dealers, can be sent to the dealer in an excel format by the site administrator, and the reports can be easily examined.
Dealership Applications Form Customisation
Defining mandatory and optional fields on dealership application forms can be managed one by one.
Custom Dealer Application Fields
While receiving dealer applications, several information may be requested from dealer, such as; number of dealers' employees, turnover information, office size, delivery vehicle status which may have an effect on considering to work with the company. New fields can be created to get information from potential dealers with T-soft e-commerce systems, these fields such as box, multiple choice selection box or text input field can be approved
Transaction Marking
While recording each transaction, the transaction can be marked so that the same record is not processed repeatedly.
Manuel Transaction Recording
Dealers may not choose to place all their orders or make all payments over the web page, they may also shop physically from the workplace. in this case such transactions will not be recorded to the e-commerce site. On the other hand, when the dealer logs in from the e-commerce site, the current activity report will not be able to see these transactions in the current activity report.
Volume Based Pricing
TIn the wholesale market, the biggest factors that determine the price are the payment method and the volume of purchases. In the product, it is stated how much discount will be provided in the quantity ranges, the customer can see these quantities and the discount rate in detail on the product detail page, and when they add the product to the basket, they benefit from the discount at that rate. The feature can be managed separately for each product. The feature comes as standard in the T-Soft live package, and can be purchased for a fee in other packages. Click for pricing information
Representative & Salesperson Module
Dealers can be assigned to certain salespeople. Salesperson can log in on behalf of their dealers, even if they do not have their passwords. Salesperson can see the orders of the dealers and examine the membership information. Salesperson can enter orders on behalf of the dealer.
Orders entered by salespeople can be filtered on the basis of salespeople in the admin panel. While transferring orders with
ERP integrations, the information of the salesperson who placed the order can also be transferred.
Product Customisation
If dealers receive special orders from their customers, this is the module where they can enter these orders into the system. They can collect custom details of products on customer basis, such as; parts of the products, color, material to be used, and the picture to be printed on the product, etc .
Shipping Cost per Product Depending on Customer and Dealer Orders
While some products can be sent to dealers free of charge, they can be sent to customers with paid cargo.
In case of a product, while the customer pays 10 TL for shipping, the dealer will be able to receive it with free shipping, or vice versa. In retail sales, shipping may be free because the prices are high, while in retailers, shipping may be chargeable because there is minimal profit. This can be done in products with very low profits. (Not available with packages. It must be purchased separately.)
Payment Options for Customers and Dealers
While the option to pay by promissory note is visible in dealers, it can be made invisible to customers. Similarly, it can be determined that the payment methods can be used by only one or both of the dealer or customer.
Custom Payment Forms
In some payments received, special terms may be specified. While receiving payment from dealers, custom forms can be created and some information specific to that individual payment can be obtained. For example, if you want to send 100 bags or pens to a dealer for each payment as a gift, the dealer can enter the color of products when making the payment to the system.
Dealer Pages
Thanks to dealers module, a web page can be created for each dealer and its authorized person, contact information, google map, photos from the store can be shared, so that the dealer can forward this page address to his customers.
Dealer Questionaires
By conducting a survey to the dealers, their opinions on a certain subject can be obtained, and thus the expectations of the dealers will be measured.
Mobile Application Orders by Barcode
Using our mobile application, dealers can order quickly by scanning the barcodes of the products to place an order.
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