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Custom Solutions
If your project requires special technical features, if you do not have time to experience everything, if you are interested in the results, and if you do not want to deal with the causes, you can choose your specific solutions.
The Most Special is a Specific that You Don't Stay Away From Standards.
Web technologies are changing too fast. Today, a project developed from the beginning to the end become inadequate before the end of the first month and is beginning to lose its validity. The end result is a lot of problems, from losing rankings in search engines to marketing automations not working, to third party solutions and integration problems.
Developing a completely unique solution for a project is not an easy-to-start cost. When work is not done properly, customer may be victim
T-Soft e-commerce system is developed suitable for initialization, dozens of software engineers work intensively and as new versions of the software are released, special versions of these projects can be migrated to these versions, and then technological developments can be adhered to with minor developments.
Project Management
When a tailor does his job, he goes in such a way that it will not be possible to admire the scenes. We call it experience.
Our project managers and consultants have been monitoring the development of over 2000 active projects, some of which have been open since then closed and have witnessed hundreds of projects that have been closed or never opened, and actively managed the project in some cases.
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Such an experience allows us to identify the priorities well, to make the right move at the operational or marketing point with existing possibilities, and to identify new moves ready for each outcome.
Money can easily cover many faults and remove the problem. However, there is no compensation for the time. We stop the time for you.
Private Applications
The T-Soft e-commerce solution includes an application market, where applications developed by our country's valuable software groups meet with our customers through the T-Soft platform and a large ecosystem is formed. ( )
With the similar applications of smart phones found in daily life and making life easier, your business is accelerating and your income is increasing. In our special projects, our team develops special applications and we only use these applications in the related project. In this way, the project management panel can include an application which is completely original and which is not in another project.
Private Interface Coding
The inteface is point where the virtual store contacts the customer. In projects, there may be cases where special coding is required for the sectors or sales categories. These studies can be directed to the customer's preferences for the product to be bought or to the usage habits of the target customer to give detailed information about the product being sold.
The interface-side encodings are specific to the project and may require adaptation for version changes related to the software. The expressions "Delivered in 2-4 business days" and "Delivered between 03.01 - 05.01" as a delivery date of a product can reveal different perceptions with the same results being expressed.
Each facilitator and informative development of customer's order fulfillment is very valuable.
Customized solutions are created with analysis of our consultants and coding that will bring out the most transformation with your decisions.
External Softwares
As the project scale grows, the virtual store software needs to communicate with different software, or additional software to support the software needs to be developed.                            
T-Soft has an advanced web service infrastructure that allows you to enhance your software by developing external software. This can be a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, a Business Intelligence (BI) software, a commercial software integration, a marketplace integration, custom analysis and connected automation solutions.                            Software may be developed to suit the needs, or a writing adapter software may be developed that meets the requirements.                            
When T-Soft web services are developed in the main backbone, functionality is not lost and can continue to be used. At this point, the external software can be used without any problems as a result of improvements in the main software.
Designs without borders
An effective design will ensure that the consumer does not forget the site and will strengthen the brand sense in the consumer. The design of the site for virtual stores is very important when evaluating from the point of view of the customer's taste. A good design should be at a level that not only visual beauty but also easily adapts to customer habits and easily completes shopping processes. Design should be able to differentiate from different sites, but intensive design elements and s hopping orientation effect should not be reduced.
Our experienced designers have been experimenting with hundreds of projects over the years and have been experimenting with the results to realize the most suitable design work according to project specifications.
Private Report Solution
Every sale is an experience for the next sale. A few sales can be analyzed very easily, but when hundreds of sales are realized, professional reporting solutions are needed. Similar characteristics of sold products are data for newly added products to the e-commerce site. In any city, which payment systems are actively used, whether there is a relationship between gender and payment method, it should be judged that Ankara customers between the ages of 24-30 have formed a volume of orders which decreased by 30% compared to the previous month in the last month. The actions taken when the data are correctly interpreted will increase the sales of the e-commerce site. However, significant interpretation needs meaningful data. Details about analyzing needs, perform software improvements in the preparation of appropriate reports, customer training and analysis of the resulting report can give you power about an assessment of how power structures.
Consultancy of Procurement of services
It requires working with many companies from ecommerce software to payment system, e-mail marketing, performance marketing to SMS solutions, call center solutions to Logistics company choice, accounting program preference to search engine optimization to digital marketing company, content marketing to technical support of office computers.
We are always in the process of identifying all these procurement items, identifying alternative suppliers, making evaluation meetings, contributing to the decision stages.
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